Good Clean Wine for the Health Conscious Professional!

by Glenn Maxwell

So you’re keeping fit, eating right and working over 40 hours a week.   You’re doing everything right  but some evenings you really just like to unwind a bit and chill out with a nice glass of wine.

The only problem is you have to work early in the morning and the last thing you need is a nasty hangover to ruin your day.

If that sounds a little like you, the ladies over at GOOD CLEAN WINE have created something that just might pique your interest.  They developed something specifically tailored for those health conscious individuals not looking to unravel all the hard work put in throughout the week.

Like most great creations, Co founders Courtney Dunlop and Michelle Feldman developed their line of wines around what they were looking for themselves.     To  enjoy a crisp glass of wine in the evenings without worrying about the lows or side effects that tend to come the day after.   Not waking up with bags under your eyes or trekking to work with a pounding headache.

 Is it possible to reduce or prevent the ever so feared hangover?

Courtney, a former health, beauty and fitness editor at Marie Clare, wanted a wine that wouldn’t leave her skin from breaking out in hives.  Her sensitivity to the additives in most wines would take a toll on her physically and it had been limiting her ability to truly enjoy her favorite evening beverage.   Being health conscious, she wanted to find a delicious wine to get full enjoyment from yet not worry about suffering all of these adverse affects.    Being especially sensitive made this an especially difficult task for her but would eventually prove to her the final results of her own product.

What exactly causes those adverse affects?

Co Founder Michelle Feldman, being an esthitician would see from her clients first had the nasty  affects some alcohols leave on the skin.  She began to accumulate from her clients, first hand  experience as to exactly what these side effects were and what was causing them.

Enter GOOD CLEAN WINE.   After years of investigating and educating themselves on the wine making process Courtney and Michelle learned what standard and common additives; as well as processes in wine, typically cause these reactions in the body.

If you pay attention to the foods you eat and what goes into them there is no reason you should not do the same with your wine.

THe girls traveled to wine country in Italy in their effort to developed  a wine devoid of preservatives, stabilisers, colourings, concentrates, tannins, flavourings, animal byproducts, synthetics, fertilisers, pesticides, additives, added sulphites or sugars.  In otherwords to create a ‘clean wine’.

From their own trial and error their results have been spectacular.  Good Clean Wine is not only delicious but receives rave reviews from their loyal customers who had been looking for exactly this.   A wine that wouldn’t leave them high and dry the next day.

Their wines are made from the finest Italian Grapes in Carpi (Modena Province) and Maremma ( South West Coast of Tuscany ) which are two of Italy’s most famous wine regions.

Good Clean Wine not only focuses on keeping their product clean for the mind and body but they also  prioritize social and environmental sustainability in their production process.  Courtney and Michelle believe that minimal intervention is a key to what makes their wines truly special.

Their Brand has been picking up steam as more and more find out about their product.

Vogue did an article on the effects of ‘Clean Wine’ and featured their journey and wines in the write up.


You can find and order Good Clean Wines products directly from their website where they offer fast shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.


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