Customers of SBI Bank of India can check their account balances differently. The bank offers them methods like SBI balance inquiry numbers to check their account balance and more.

Customers can contact their bank to find out other means to check their account balance and pick the most convenient option. On that note, we have shared some of the most popular means to track balance through SBI balance check numbers and more to offer customers an idea of the process.

How Should You Opt for an SBI balance check?

There are several benefits of checking SBI balance enquiry, and some of them are listed below:

  • To ensure the SBI Bank account has sufficient funds
  • To check if funds sent by a third party have been credited to the account
  • To find out if the sum deducted during a failed transaction has been refunded or not
  • To check the interest amount deposited by SBI Bank
  • To identify illicit transactions

Besides these, checking bank account balances helps track expenses better and allows one to prepare an effective budget. That said, let’s check different ways of SBI balance check.

SBI balance check toll-free number

SBI Bank account holders can dial these numbers and access their account details free of cost at any time.

  • SBI Balance Enquiry Customer Care Number for Missed Call is 09223766666
  • The State Bank of India Balance Enquiry Toll-Free Number is 09223766666

Notably, customers need to dial these numbers from a mobile number registered with the Bank to access the bank’s missed call services. Additionally, the balance check number is not universal; hence the Canara Bank balance enquiry number will not be valid for SBI customers and vice versa. It is advised to find the exact number for smooth transactions.

Steps to check SBI account balance with SBI Bank balance toll-free number

Step 1: Dial the toll-free 09223766666 from the registered mobile number

Step 2: Wait for the call to connect and ring

Step 3: Wait for the dial tone to disconnect

Subsequently, SBI Bank balance details will be shared with the customer via SMS. Customers can also send ‘BAL’ to the same number for balance information.

In case customers need to access their SBI mini statement, they can follow these steps:

Step 1: Dial 09223866666 and give a missed call

Step 2: Wait for the ring


Step 1: Type ‘MSTMT’

Step 2: Send it to 09223866666

Besides the SBI balance check number, customers can use other balance enquiry methods to access Bank account details. Some of the most popular methods include:

  • ATM
  • SMS Banking
  • SBI Card Balance Enquiry
  • Net banking
  • Passbook
  • Mobile Banking via SBI apps like SBI YONO, SBI Quick, SBI Online, etc.

Methods of Balance Enquiry Explained in detail

  1. SBI account balance check via SMS banking

SBI customers who have registered their mobile numbers with SBI Bank can use this service to access account details instantly. In case they haven’t registered for the service, they can do so in a few simple steps.

Here’s the SMS format and the steps to register for the SMS banking service.

Step 1: Go to create SMS

Step 2: Type REG<space>Account Number

Step 3: Send it to 09223488888

Step 4: Wait for the registration confirmation message from the Bank

Once you get the confirmation message, you can check your account balance, access mini statement, forward chequebook request, and avail of e-statement, loan interest certificate, and more assistance.

Steps to check account balance via SBI card balance enquiry

SBI credit card holders can use check their card balance via SMS service. They can avail of details by sending an SMS from their registered number to 5676791.

Here’s the SMS format for different requirements

  • For duplicate Statement SMS:  DSTMT XXXX MM
  • For reward Points Summary SMS: REWARD XXXX
  • To Block a Lost or Stolen Card SMS: BLOCK XXXX
  • For balance Enquiry: BAL XXXX
  • To get e-Statement: ESTMT XXXX
  • To check the status of the Last Payment: PAYMENT XXXX
  • To know Credit and Cash Limit: AVAIL XXXX

Use the Bank Passbook for the SBI balance check

SBI customers get a passbook when they open an account with the bank. It’s the responsibility of the customers to keep their passbook up to date regularly to ensure it features accurate transactional data.

They can check the details of their current balance and a complete record of all debit and credit transactions made through their account. However, customers must visit their branches to update their passbooks manually. The passbook method of SBI balance check is used by those who are hesitant to use mobile banking and net banking services.

SBI steps to check Account Balance in the ATM

Those with an SBI Bank account can use their ATM cum debit card to access their account balance easily. They can do so in these steps:

Step 1: Insert the SBI ATM/Debit Card into the slot of the machine

Step 2: Enter a four-digit digital ATM PIN

Step 3: Select the ‘Balance Inquiry’ option

Once these steps are covered, the account balance will be displayed on the screen. They can take a print of the details and leave the ATM vestibule.

Steps to check SBI account balance via net banking

Customers registered for SBI net banking can access account details by accessing the service. To avail of account details, they must log in using their net banking login ID and password. Besides checking account balances, they can access other details related to home loans, cash transfers, mortgage loans, and more.

Can You Check SBI Balance through USSD?

The Supplementary Service Unstructured Data is a GSM communication protocol that allows data to be sent between a phone and an apple network software. However, this service is accessible only to SBI customers with a current Or savings account. Those with access to mobile banking via the app cannot use the USSD service. Those who intend to use this service must deregister from the WAP-based Or application service before signing up for the USSD service.

That said, here’s how to check your account balance through USSD

Step 1: Dial *595#

Step 2: Enter user ID

Step 3: Choose ‘Option 1’ from the ‘Answer’ menu

Step 4: Select mini-statement or balance enquiry from the option

Step 5: Enter MPIN and send

Customers also need to download the SBI Quick App on their devices, which will help them complete the login process instantly.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff