Here’s How To Fix Common Phone Problems

by Carter Toni

Fix Common Phone Problems


The invention of phones is a blessing to us –– it helps us to complete chores, surf social media, and allows communication with one another without too much of a hassle. It has since become integrated into our lives, one way or another, and it would be difficult to imagine a situation where our phone spoils and has to be sent away for repair.

However, such scenarios are bound to happen as phones are vulnerable to system crashes, physical cracks, and deterioration over time. Fortunately, the majority of these issues should not be of much concern once you’re aware of their root causes. Before heading to repair mobile phone from Square Repair, let’s delve into a description of the most common phone problems, and what can be done to fix them.

Cracked Or Damaged Screen

Broken screens are the most common reason cited when repairing mobile phones. For the most part, broken screens happen for a myriad of reasons, such as sitting on your phone screen by accident, dropping your phone, and carrying your phone with sharp objects like car keys.

When it happens, check to see if your phone’s screen is protected by the manufacturer’s warranty or some other type of insurance. Some phone manufacturers include screen protection as part of their guarantee. Your best bet when this happens is to get it repaired or replaced by a reputable repair center. This will ensure that you receive a competent and reasonably-priced screen replacement.

Problems With Charging Ports

When the process of charging your phone becomes slow, or when your phone isn’t able to charge at all, it’s a sign that there is an issue with your charging port. There are tons of reasons why this could happen –– either your phone suffered a traumatic fall and had its hardware damaged, has a build-up of corrosion from humidity problems, or simply contains debris blocking the proper power supply to your phone.

If it isn’t a hardware problem, then solving the issue is relatively simple –– you can simply clean the port by using a needle and cotton. However, before you try toggling with your charging port, remember to try charging your phone with multiple cables first. You don’t want to spend time fixing your port only for it to be a cable error!

Water Damage

It happens to the best of us. Distractions happen, and before you’ve realized it, you’ve split your favorite tea or coffee over your phone. Alternatively, unfortunate accidents can occur where your phone may have ended up in a swimming pool, water tub, or even the toilet bowl.

Although water damages are known to be notoriously irreversible, you may be able to save your phone from severe water damage if you act fast enough. First, remove your phone from the water body with care, and turn it off immediately. Remove its components –– such as its SIM card, SD card, battery, and protective casing –– and leave them out to dry. Next, use cotton or a soft cloth to soak up remnants of moisture, and stick your phone in a bag of dry rice or silica gel for several days.

Declining Battery Health

Declining battery health is also another reason why phones are sent for repairs. Usually, there are many reasons why your phone’s battery drains very quickly. Some of the reasons include not closing running background apps, downloading and using too many apps on your phone, and having too many pop-up notifications.

These problems have simple fixes –– closing your background apps, deleting apps that you do not frequently use, and disabling your notifications by heading to Settings > Manage Apps > Notifications.

Manage Apps

Malfunctioning Speakers

If your phone’s speaker begins acting up, check the headphone output first. If your phone is set to earbud mode, restart your phone. Next, double-check that the speaker settings are correct –– make sure the volume isn’t too low and turn it up just to see if it works. Lastly, ensure that the Do Not Disturb feature isn’t turned on, as this could prevent the speaker from working properly. To manually control this function, you can go to Settings > Do Not Disturb.

Frozen Screen Display

When your screen display freezes often, it is a sign that your RAM has been overused. Either that, or there is a bug disrupting your phone’s software. There are some tips and tricks to prevent this from happening. Some of these tricks include keeping your cache data empty, updating your operational systems to prevent your phone from being vulnerable to bugs, and avoiding games with high graphics, especially if you are using low RAM phones.

When your phone freezes, you should start troubleshooting it by deleting any suspicious apps before restarting. Next, clear your phone’s RAM, and perform a factory reset if necessary. If the problem persists, get professional help at a reputable repair center.


All phones will inevitably heat up through their CPU, battery, and screen –– hence, it’s perfectly normal for your phone heats a little from time to time. However, if you notice that the problem persists frequently, it might be an indicator of something more severe. Some of the common causes for overheating include a new software or application bug, too much pressure on one of the three heat-generating components, or a hardware flaw.

To manage these problems, a few solutions include avoiding fully charging your phone or emptying your batteries too often, reducing exposure to your phone to direct sunlight, ceasing usage of your phone when it overheats.

Troubles Connecting To The Internet

A wrong network setting or a temporary network error from your service provider is more likely to cause your phone to not connect to the internet.

To solve this, select Settings > Mobile Network from the drop-down menu. Check to see if your mobile data is turned on and that you have also chosen a suitable SIM card for internet use. Select SIM card information and settings and restart your smartphone after resetting your APN to default. If the problem persists, contact your network service provider to see if network connectivity in your location is satisfactory.

Unresponsive Buttons

When phone buttons stop working, it’s usually due to a software or app malfunction. Some incompatible apps or software issues may be preventing your phone’s soft keys from working properly.

The first thing you should try to fix the issue is a simple reboot. This will put an end to any interruptions produced by a defective app or piece of software. If that doesn’t help, try using it in safe mode temporarily. While in this mode, check whether the buttons are working properly. If so, you should uninstall any recently downloaded apps or do a factory reset on the device.

If the problem with the button surfaces after a fall or water damage, you should take it to a professional repair shop because it is most likely hardware damage.

Glitchy Applications

Glitchy apps happen mostly because the application either has a bug or is incompatible with your operating system’s updated version. When this happens, the first course of action is to check whether the application has been updated. If it has not yet been done, update it immediately and restart your device. If the problem continues to persist, you’ll need to clear the cache data in the Application manager, which may require you to uninstall the application and reinstall it. The app should now function properly!

Malfunctioning Flashlight

Here’s what you need to do to troubleshoot the camera flashlight if it’s not responsive. Firstly, ensure that the flash is turned on. Do take note that if there’s enough light outside, the flash will not operate –– even in auto mode. Next, make sure the flash is supported by the camera mode you’re using. Some camera modes, such as time-lapse and light-painting, will have the flash automatically disabled. If the flashlight refuses to work, clear any cached data by going to Settings > Camera > Storage from the drop-down menu.


To sum things up, knowing the root cause(s) of why of common phone problems can aid you in finding new shortcuts –– thus saving you a trip down to a phone repair shop. Furthermore, you’ll be better equipped on how to prevent such problems from recurring again!

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