High Potential Identification- Evaluating The Talent

by Carter Toni

Some of the employees are highly talented in comparison to all other employees in an organization. The potential of the employee can be analysed and studied with the help of high potential identification so that one can decide which employee can become a leader of the organization. This analysis of potential will help to motivate the employees and meeting various challenges efficiently.


Following are some of the reasons why an organization should develop high potential employees:

These potential based employees are highly valuable to the organization

All the employees who have high potential are considered far more valuable to the company in comparison to those employees who do not have high potential. These kinds of employees can solve the problems very easily and always have an optimistic attitude which helps them to deal with various issues in day to day working.

All the employees with high potential can leave the company in case there is low engagement

All the employees who have high potential and who think that they are not engaged into the processes will leave the company because they want to utilize their talent anywhere else so that they can get rewards for their talent and efforts. So, it is very much crucial for the organization to keep all such employees engaged all the time so that they never leave the organization. The organization must keep such employees motivated all the time and financial as well as non-financial rewards must be given to them after regular intervals of time. This will help to keep them highly engaged all the time. Also, some sort of decision-making authorities must be given to them.

The concept of High potential identification is very much important

According to a survey, the employees who are identified as high potential in the organizations work better in comparison to the employees were not identified. They will think that they are very much crucial to the organization in which they are working. This will help to develop various kinds of distinctions between the employees working in an organization.

All those people who are not recognized will look for better opportunities so that they can get proper and deserving recognition. Hence, the self-esteem and self-accomplishment needs of such employees must be catered efficiently by providing them with proper and deserving recognition all the time. This will help to keep them highly satisfied with the operations of the organization and they will perform better and more than their capabilities all the time.

According to research only, approximately 15% of companies have incorporated this concept

A lot of organizations lack the implementation of this concept. This is the main reason behind the failures of various organizations because they do not value their employees and do not identify them as having high potential. If such employees are highly recognized it will help to have a strong program for the organization and identification of talent will help to perform in a better way. Some of the researchers consider this program as a world-class program because of the immense benefits it can provide.

All the organizations must indulge themselves in planning, identifying, then developing this programme and then managing the whole thing. This will help to provide proper attention to the employees and in return, they will help in the goal achievement process of the organization.

Because of this a lot of companies have found the best talent

All those organizations that do not implement this program have great trouble is in finding the talent. There are vacancies remain vacant for a long period because no one replies in them. This will mean that finding a placement for a high potential employee is not an easy task and organizations must value their efforts so that such situations can be avoided. To recognize and develop the high potential based talent it’s not a very difficult task but requires proper planning from the part of the organization so that they can achieve their goals easily.

The employees of organizations that implement such programs are highly satisfied

According to research, approximately 50% of the employees are highly satisfied with the organizations that implement such programmes. The organizations must involve themselves in identifying high potential employees so that organization has the bright stars of the future in their hand so that improvements can be done whenever required. This will help to provide the proper basis for promotions of employees which will help the organizations to achieve their goals easily and efficiently.

A lot of people at the time of applying the job look for such programmes

An organization which implements these programmes can also have a good amount of reputation and goodwill in the industry. Approximately 90% of the employees at the time of applying for jobs look for such programmes and if an organization implements it then chances of getting the talent will be more. A lot of employees want formal recognition so that they can develop their careers into the field and in this way, the reputation of the employees and companies will increase significantly.

These employees are known to become strong leaders in future

In case any of the organization puts in efforts to recognize their high potential employees then they will get their future leaders very easily. All the employees with high potential can put approximately 25% more efforts into their work in comparison to the employees who do not have high potential. In case the identification of strong leaders can be done then such employees can help to generate approximately 90% more revenue to the organization which is a very great thing and none of the organization would like to miss this benefit.

The high potential identification is a very important concept because as per a study approximately 50% of the people leave their jobs because of the lack of proper implementation of such programmes. Hence, the employees want more recognition and organizations understand this concept very well. Although it requires various efforts on the end of organizations when the high potential employees will help in generating the revenue and approving the processes all the efforts will become worth the whole process.

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