High Science: The Best Cannabis Accessories!

by Sean Dixon

Long gone are the days of dull smoke sessions. With high-tech herbal accessories on the rise, you’ll have a high-quality experience every time you light up. Between design-forward smoking tools, space-saving gadgets, and showstopping storage solutions, the cannabis industry has so much to offer. 

Not sure how to begin stocking your stoner’s arsenal? Here are the best smoking accessories you should invest in right now. 

For the dab crowd 

For smokers who prefer a full and flavorful experience, there is no better consumption method than dabbing. Invest in some accessories for the average dab rig to step up your concentrate game. Replace your standard dab nail with a stylish quartz banger. The durable glass accessories increase the heated surface area so you can take bigger hits. Other dabbing favorites to add to your kit include reclaim catchers and carb caps. 

For the smoker on-the-go

If you often find yourself lighting up while out adventuring with friends or taking a solo road trip, you need a tech-savvy accessory. An electric vape is perfect for an on-the-go session. The pen-sized accessory can be slipped into your bag and already has everything you need for an exceptional hit. Consider a vape from Pax or Mighty if you prefer smoking dry herb. Simply load your favorite fower strain into the main compartment and let internal heating systems burn to the perfect temperature. You can also find plenty of vapes that are compatible with concentrate.  

For the home chef 

Baking cannabis into edibles has long been one of the most popular ways to enjoy herb. With modern technology at your disposal, there’s no telling what you might be able to cook up. Step up your infused treats with silicone molds, perfect for baking cute edibles and gummies. High-tech infusions machines are a must to make infused butter and oils. The herbal appliance, like those from Levo, is easy to use and looks great in any kitchen. Simply load herb into the upper compartment, adjust a few settings, and let the machine do all the work. 

For the tech-savvy smoker

In today’s world, your home is filled with high-tech gadgets and decor. So why shouldn’t your smoking routine be upgraded to futuristic levels? One of the most beloved high-tech smoking accessories is the electric grinder. The OG Otto grinder uses precise technology to analyze your herb’s consistency and moisture. Adjusting blade speed and pressure, the accessory grinds the flower to perfection every time. The revolutionary product takes it one step further by loading herb into a pre-rolled cone. Finally, you can say goodbye to skimpy joints that crumble after one hit. 

Final thoughts 

As the herbal community continues to grow, consumers and enthusiasts are met with an even broader range of flower-friendly products. Now, you can upgrade your tried-and-true dab rig with quartz bangers or carb caps to instantly enhance your high. For herbal epicures, baking edibles has never been easier with infusion innovating appliances. And, of course, tech-savvy smokers find their desires well met by automatic grinders and electric vapes. With so many gadgets at your disposal, there is no limit to how you’ll enjoy nature’s favorite flower. 

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