Honeymoon experience to be special

by TechloverSAhmad

Everyone wants their honeymoon experience to be special, and I was no exception. In March this year, my partner and I were looking for a suitable honeymoon tour to the islands. Maldives has always been our dream destination, and we decided to live this dream together on our special vacation. We spent quite a lot of time looking for the best tour for ourselves, until a known associate recommended Thrillophilia to us.

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Upon scouring the website, the positive Thrillophilia Maldives reviews for this particular tour led us to move forward with this. The Paradise Island Resort tour offered a 4 night 5 nights stay at Paradise Resort and Spa in the Lankanfinolhu North island. The tour package itself had a number of options to choose from, and we went with the 2 nights stay in the Beach Bungalow and Water Villa respectively. The booking experience itself was extremely smooth, and we received an immediate confirmation upon successful booking.

Throughout our tour as well, we received continuous assistance from the Thrillophilia team, who oversaw every detail of the tour including our transfers and our experience at the resort. The tour was carried out quite flawlessly as well. Upon arrival at the Male Airport, we were promptly picked up and transferred to Paradise resort via speedboat. All of it was arranged by the tour itself, and we didn’t have to worry ourselves over the transport at all. The resort itself was beyond compare: nestled right on the beach, Paradise Resort was indeed the embodiment of a tropical paradise. The resort took care of all COVID safety precautions, which was a great relief to both of us.

Our first two nights were spent at the Beach Bungalow. Upon first entering, we found our bed beautifully decorated with flowers and a complimentary bottle of wine on the table! The bungalow was set right on the beach and commanded extraordinary views of the sea. The interiors too, were elegantly decorated, striking the correct balance between opulence and comfort. We even got a private veranda of our own with two sundecks. Our days at the resort turned out to be quite happening. Luxury vacation rentals like Bali Villas are ideal locations for honeymoon.

The advantage of Maldives resort islands is that you never really have to leave the island to enjoy yourselves. We generally woke up early to spend the morning by the resort, then spend the day exploring the island. Paradise Resort offers a whole host of water sports for its tourists, and we tried to take advantage of its facilities as much as we could. We went on a snorkeling expedition, which turned out to be extremely rewarding, and tried canoeing as well.

We even took a private sunset cruise around the island, and if you know anything about sunsets in Maldives, it wouldn’t be too difficult to guess just how magical the cruise was- in fact, to me, it was the highlight of our whole stay in Maldives. The next two nights we spent in our Water Villa, which was just above the lagoon. Neither of us have ever stayed in overwater villas before, and the experience turned out to be quite magical for the both of us. In terms of beauty and furnishing, the Water Villa appeared to surpass its predecessor by an arm’s length.

It even featured a private Jacuzzi system! Our dining experience at the resort was as good as our stay. Paradise Resorts features several different eateries and bars, all of which we had a lot of fun exploring. On the third night, we also enjoyed a private dining experience by the beach. Carefully overseen and full with a private butler service, the private dinner elevated our experience at the island by one extra notch. The delicious menu was specially prepared by our chef, and the ambience as a whole was extremely precious.

We also took advantage of the spa here and took a couples’ massage one day, which turned out to be extremely rejuvenating. Our honeymoon turned out to be even better than we had expected, all thanks to this tour and the Thrillophilia Tripadvisor reviews that helped make our decision. If there’s anyone looking for a short holiday in the islands, this Paradise Island tour might be just up your alley!

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