“Hotel branding: How to build a memorable brand identity”

by James Martin

These days, businesses cannot thrive without carefully-planned marketing strategies. Whether you are getting ready to open a new hotel or considering taking your hotel a notch higher, hotel branding is a crucial part of your business strategy. It is of utmost importance to keep in mind that your hotel brand is more than an innovative logo and name. Your hotel brand is the very foundation of who you are and invites the right set of audiences towards you. Your hotel branding can either make you or break you. Hotel branding also gives an insight regarding what to expect even before they set a foot in your hotel.

Branding in hospitality is something that should not be taken lightly. People start recognizing you with your brand, not your cool logo. A lot goes into it than what meets the eyes. The quality of service is a huge influencing factor. A good customer experience can only be crafted by providing excellent customer service. For that, pairing up with a good hotel supplier is a must. A good hotel supplier will provide you with the highest quality products that will elate customer satisfaction.

Hotel branding: How to establish your hotel’s identity

● Exceptional customer service: Good customer service is unparalleled. Focusing on products and optimizing room service can work wonders in encouraging positive responses from customers. Tangible aspects do not go unnoticed by customers. Products such as hotel linens are a great way to create a good impression on your customers. Getting high quality hotel towels, pool towels, handcloths, andsooon.

● Create a powerful narrative for  your hotel: Hospitality is completely about selling a dream and creating a lasting and lingering experience. Premium hospitality institutions focus on their brand stories. Branding in hospitality involves creating a dynamic pitch and having a dedicated workforce to meet the goals. Creating a brand will make it your driving force. You will be driven to work for elevating your brand name and your driving force to make you carve a niche for yourself at the top. Humans root for stories as they lead to a better understanding, trust, comprehension, and receptivity.

● Experiment with trends and technology: Keeping pace with the trends gives you an edge over your rivals and makes you competitive. You should incorporate hospitality trends into your pre-existing status and thrive. Adding technology to your operations can highly enhance your services and set you apart from other hospitality institutions. Taking the aid of IoT to customize bedrooms and make them smart can increase user convenience and make the whole experience seamless for them.

● Infuse art: The visual appeal of your hotel is a crucial influencing factor when it comes to establishing the identity of your hotel. People comprehend visuals readily. Visuals have a strong ability to retain in memory. Strive at taking your hospitality institution a notch higher by adding visually delightful elements such as art in it.

● A dynamic workforce: Your brand will cripple if your workforce is not dynamic and driven. A business is taken ahead only by the people who work for it. Keeping this in mind, hire a dynamic workforce for your hotel. Your staff should be well-informed, eloquent, and polite.

We hope you take notes from this article and build a powerful and memorable identity for your hotel.







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