How AI and Automation Is Expanding Its Role In Technology?

by Carter Toni

It is abundantly clear from various tech blogs and the latest news that the applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation have been expanding at an exponential rate—in almost every field, from robotics to semiconductors to cybersecurity to smart consumer devices. There is no doubt that automation and artificial intelligence will infuse every aspect of our lives in 2023.

In the past ten years, we have made significant progress in the development of artificial intelligence, achieving breakthroughs that have significantly increased its capacity to recognize patterns and relationships. Artificial intelligence will become more prevalent in the creative process in the future. Take, for instance, the AI research and deployment company OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Due to the high quality and level of detail in its outputs, this application has recently been in the news. Teachers are even making changes to their curricula to make sure that students are writing original work instead of just using ChatGPT to write the essays that have been assigned to them. It has also been identified as a danger: Companies that deal in cybersecurity have found bad actors who use ChatGPT to make malware. That typically indicates that an application’s use is widespread. However, how good could it be? Is it possible for artificial intelligence to provide thoughtful insight into the future of automation and artificial intelligence?

We decided to give it a try: in 2023, we used ChatGPT to develop a viewpoint on artificial intelligence and automation. The outcome is as follows:

According to various technology blogs, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important in today’s world as computing technology makes it possible to perform more complex and specialized processes. Computing has progressed from general-purpose processing with large, monolithic central processing units (CPUs) to high-parallel processing with numerous CPUs, graphics processing units, and now, AI and machine learning (ML) accelerators.

Applications have also adapted to take advantage of the new capabilities of new computing technologies. Containerized, scale-out applications based on platforms like Docker and Kubernetes have replaced the large, monolithic scale-up programs that were once written for applications. Using leaf-spine architectures, high-speed, high-bandwidth Ethernet networking has made this shift in computing possible.

Broadcom is one company that has led the industry in the development of high-speed Ethernet switches. They have made it possible for networks to handle workloads involving AI and ML. For instance, their 51.2Tbps Tomahawk 5 switch chip has features that significantly accelerate AI and ML workloads and offers twice the bandwidth of any other networking silicon.

The highly scalable networks that connect thousands of accelerators are the foundation for the success of capabilities like those on ChatGPT. New and powerful applications in areas like autonomous vehicles, natural language processing, and image recognition are made possible by this, which enables the scaling of AI and ML.

In conclusion, AI and automation are now able to play a larger role in today’s world thanks to advancements in computing, such as the emergence of dedicated AI and ML accelerators and the utilization of containerized, scale-out applications. High-speed, high-bandwidth Ethernet networks that connect the new types of compute elements have made these advancements possible. Broadcom will play a crucial role in driving even more exciting developments in the future as technology continues to advance.

We have to say that ChatGPT provided a solid overview of our position regarding automation and artificial intelligence. We concur that we have only scratched the surface and that the phrase “at scale” should be emphasized. We’ll see the genuine advantages of manual brainpower and computerization once we can reliably and regularly apply it at the scales empowered by the most recent Ethernet organizing innovations.

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