How Digital Staging Is Disrupting the Real Estate Market

by Carter Toni

Disrupting the Real Estate Market

Is your property taking a long time in the market? Are you at your wit’s end and seem just not to find the solution to sell your property? Well, the magic to close the sale of your property could be lying in digital staging and you haven’t realized it yet. It is highly likely that if you stage your property, it will sell faster without a drop in its price.

Traditional home staging requires buying accessories and furniture and also hiring the services of interior designers and professional photographers. This is costly and also consumes a lot of time. Well, not forgetting the efforts that you have to put in making it a success. With a few amazing photos, digital staging can enhance the appeal of your property by a great margin.

With the continuous advance in new technology, as a real estate agent, things have been simplified for you. Such staging techniques are economically efficient and will show your potential buyers how great the new home will appear if they buy the property.  Please read on to find out how home staging is fast changing the real estate market.

Digital Staging is Cost-Effective and Saves Time

A staging is disrupting the real estate market because it’s cost-effective and saves a lot of time. It is one of the innovations that has drastically revolutionized the real estate industry. What is more fascinating about this innovation is that renderers make use of the models of the furniture pieces in existence.

This makes it possible for you to come up with a similar but more magnificent interior without necessarily employing much effort.  Thus, you also don’t need to worry if the furniture in the room is old or not up to the standards.

All you need to do is to take a photo of it. Then let the professionals handle the rest using their software.  In case you have an empty room, it should be the least of your worries. This is because there will still be a solution for you.

You will be pleased with the end result and there will be no room for anyone to doubt your photo. You will save the cost of looking for new furniture and your property will be able to sell faster too. Generally, it is much cheaper compared to traditional staging which requires a lot of money to set up.

Offers Freedom to Be Creative


You can create a photo of the room that is vacant or a room that has furniture with your creativity at its best. You can also come up with a whole new interior design that will please everyone. With digital staging, you can fit the interior of a home with any anesthetic that will appeal to the potential buyer. You can change the paint virtually; you can use different ways to showcase different rooms.

But don’t forget to base this on the vision of the potential client. You can use one multipurpose room to stage it as a guest bedroom or even an office that you can work from while at home. You need to have an appealing interior when you want to entice your potential buyers and creativity comes in handy. Your graphic designer can design your home for you in different styles. This will bring in seasonal features, and do several things for your home that traditional staging cannot do.

Supporting No-Contact In Line With Pandemic Measures


With the present Covid -19 pandemic, you have heard of measures to reduce the spread of the virus. Digital staging entails no contact, making it valuable as compared to traditional home staging. You will realize that this innovation has replaced the in-person display with images that have been digitally staged. The virtual tours will reduce the risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

Traditional home staging will put you as the home seller and even the buyer at a greater risk because of the physical contact involved. It may also be difficult to maintain social distance and avoid contact, making it a plus for real estate marketing. Your health will be guaranteed especially during these tough times of the Covid -19 pandemic. You wouldn’t like to risk your health when there’s an alternative, right? The digital era has made buying and selling houses easier than ever, these times you can even sell your home to a real estate investor like Your Trusted Home Buyer without the need of improving it.

Possibility of Misleading and Mistrust

Digital staging can also create some drawbacks such as mistrust and misleading. Buyers may lose interest if the photographs are different from the real setup and ambiance initially displayed by the home seller. The designs that have been executed well or unrealistic photographs tend to increase mistrust in the potential buyer.

Other than that if your potential buyers decide to physically visit the property, they may find a different designed or vacant room. This may make you lose the buyer because you won’t be able to offer what had attracted the buyer to your property. If well organized and managed, such drawbacks can never arise; all it takes is meticulous planning and execution.

Final Thoughts

Digital staging will help you in making your property to be appealing with minimal effort. It is cost-effective and more efficient and a great alternative to traditional home staging. Apart from that, you have the independence to select the décor based on your type of target market. It can also have a positive impact on your property listings online.

Although keep in mind that some properties are not suitable for digital staging. Properties suitable are; vacant homes, homes with clutter or outdated décor, and occupied homes that make it difficult to physically stage. So what is next for virtual staging? It is likely that the demand for digital staging especially for properties will greatly increase globally in the future.

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