How to Care for Elderly Parents Living at Home

by Carter Toni

As the years drift by, you may begin to notice the relationship between yourself and your beloved parents changing. When you were younger, they were a pillar of support you could rely on. As they grow older, they will slowly become less independent and will begin requiring help with everyday tasks. Although they may have their own way of dealing with the aging process, giving thought to their welfare and offering some assistance will let them know how much you care about them. Not to mention, it may also help improve their quality of life and maintain their independent lifestyle for longer. Here are a few top tips to help your elderly parents thrive at home.

Keep Them Safe in Their Home

In the United States, the leading causes of injury in senior citizens are trips and falls. In fact, falls are the main reason for accidental death in people over 65 years old. As your parents get older, their mobility skills and cognitive functions begin to worsen, and just one fall can result in a trip to the emergency room. To prevent this from happening, check their home for potential hazards whenever you visit. Look out for cluttered walkways, obstructions on the stairs, and other trip hazards. For example, rippled carpets, broken floorboards, and loose tiles are easy to trip over. Furthermore, dimly lit areas in the home can also become hazardous. Offer to install light fixtures in dark rooms or simply swap the existing bulbs for brighter alternatives.

Encourage Healthy Living

A combination of regular physical activity and healthy eating can help senior citizens live better life. Being physically active can help strengthen the body and improve flexibility and balance. Physical activity can also stop certain diseases from arising, and it can improve their emotional and mental wellbeing. Adopting a nutritional diet will ensure they fill their bodies with healthful food instead of processed junk. Encourage your parents to have a balanced diet filled with wholesome food, such as fruit, vegetables, protein, whole grains, fiber, and dairy.

Help Them Manage Swallowing Disorders

Certain issues arise naturally when some people get older, such as swallowing disorders. Whether it’s the weakening of the mouth and throat muscles, missing teeth, or the symptom of another health condition, some older adults may find swallowing food and drink difficult. Introducing softer food can help them stay healthy and boost their nutritional intake while adding a thickener to their food and drink can make everything more palatable. Simply Thick beverage thickener is a flavorless gel that can be added to hot and cold drinks. It can thicken fluids quickly and will help keep your parents hydrated.

Regular Checkups

It is important for older adults to attend an annual check-up at their physician’s office to ensure they are fit and healthy. Not only is a regular examination helpful if they are experiencing any negative health symptoms, but a trained physician can help identify issues before they become more serious.

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