How to check used mobile prices online?

by Carter Toni

Mobile phones have become more important than oxygen to people nowadays. According to July 2020 statistics by financial express, India’s pre-owned mobile phone market has expanded twice since 2016, making India the second-biggest smartphone market. Statista says that worldwide sales of smartphones in 2020 were close to 1.8 billion. Mobiles, more than a need, have become a status today. That is why having an expensive brand in hand is more important than anything else. Wanting to flaunt a high-end brand but not willing to spend huge sums on that brings smartphone owners to opt for a second-hand device. But how to do second-hand mobile valuation? How to know that you’re not being deceived?

mobile prices online

Now, there are many tools available that help you to find the fair market price of any used mobile. With the help of these tools one can easily check the value of their secondhand phone before making a buying or selling decision. So, if this interests you, keep reading!

Used Mobile Valuation Tool

Most smartphone owners do not know their gadget’s resale value or fair market price when they want to sell it at second-hand costs. FMV is a crucial factor, and not knowing it may cause sellers a loss. One can check used mobile prices on OBV to know the fair value and to take smart buying or selling decision. With the data of more than 2500 mobile phones of more than 150 brands (Indian and foreign), it calculates the FMV in less than 10 seconds. It is the largest pre-owned mobile phone database online as of now.

This tool provides the fair, unbiased and independent market value of pre-owned mobile phones. Thus creating transparency in the entire process of buying and selling. The factors considered for used mobile phone valuation are the overall condition of the mobile phone, whether an individual or a dealer sells it, valid bill, the warranty card and accessories.

How Used Mobile Valuation Tool Works?

Knowing the fair market value of a commodity is a plus point when you are in the market for resale. However, FMV is not stable and fluctuates with the trends in the market. So, there is always a lack of confidence and trust between the dealer and the party when selling or buying commodities.

Advanced pricing tools come into the picture when a buyer or seller wants to get their hands on second hand or pre-owned smartphone devices. The used mobile price calculatorgives an unbiased opinion based on multiple factors, and hence it is a one-stop destination for all. You can choose mobile phones from more than 150 brands and get excellent deals on not one or two but every single mobile phone model on the list. You can even have options to buy from a dealer or direct from an individual. To buy a second-hand mobile phone in the input panel, you have to fill in details of the brand model and the age of the phone that you want to purchase. An advanced evaluation of the mobile phone is based on every single detail of the mobile phone.

It has made the task very easy as now you are not required to visit multiple mobile phone shops to know the current value of your used mobile phone. Instead, you can have it in 10 seconds sitting at your home usingthe OBV mobile price calculator. It is an updated tool and knows everything a buyer or seller wants to know.

The factors that determine the price of a pre-owned smartphone are:

Age of mobile

It is crucial to know the ownership period of the mobile phone as no one wants to buy an older version. As soon as the markets are updated with new models, the resale value of the old model, whether new or pre-owned, declines rapidly. The first factor that will determine the resale value of a mobile phone is its age.

Damage and Physical Factors

Be it major or minor, a damaged mobile phone will never get an exciting deal. The damages include dents on the mobile phone, scratches on the screen, slots not working etc.

Physical factors will include the volume buttons, card slots and battery life. Phones with lesser battery life get an even lesser price than their FMV.

Final Words

That is, it! It is as simple as that. Orange Book Value has made buying and selling very easy for everyone. It is not only available in Asia but in Europe, Middle East, and even Australia. So be it anywhere you can get great deals at the comfort of your home.

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