How to Cope With The Loss Of A Pet.

by Glenn Maxwell

Pets are just human friends in tiny, furry bodies. In fact, a per is their owner’s best friend. They share our beds, wait on us when we go out and are always there for us. Did you know animals can detect when you’re sad? Ever notice how your dog comes and sits next to you when you feel depressed? That is not a coincidence. That’s your pet accompanying you at your lowest.

So when such a lovely little fellow is lost to disease or other inevitable causes, the loss can be just as traumatic and tragic as a close friend. When a being loves you so much, their loss feels heavy on the chest.

We as a society lack empathy and do not understand just how great this loss is. Especially people who do not own pets, which is a large fraction of our population, cannot fathom how great the grief of a lost pet feels like. If you are grieving the loss of a pet and do not wish to reach out to grief counsellors, then you have clicked on the right article.

Here are some ways you can cope with the loss of a pet.

Understand that it is okay to grieve.

Before we give you some tips to cope with grief, you need to accept that you are in emotional pain. It is okay to feel lonely without your little friend.Know that you are grieving and mourning.

Get your per cremated.

By getting your pet cremated, you are not only putting your little friend to rest but also gaining closure. Closure is required to go through the process of grief healthily.

Keep the ashes in your room in a nice pet urn.

After cremation, you should keep your pet close to you. A last present to your little friend would be a nicely decorated pet urn. You can find pet urns in Australia easily. We suggest per urns from Newcastle and Hunter Pet Crematorium for a variety of choices at reasonable prices.

Sit with your feelings, do not dodge them.

When you get that sudden wave of sadness, do not try to bottle it up or dodge it. Remember to go through it instead of going around it. Remind yourself that grief comes in waves. After all, your pet was very close to your heart, and the sudden absence will leave you feeling empty.

Don’t try to discard your pet’s belongings while you’re grieving.

When we are mourning, the first thought that comes to mind is to get rid of all of their reminders. But this only means you are trying to dodge your feelings. In a way, you are invalidating your own pain. Remember to sit with your feelings instead of dodging them.

If you struggle with talking to a friend about your feelings, pen them down.

Remember that talking about your feelings is what releases pains. Sometimes, we see expectations of ourselves in the eyes of others and find it difficult to be vulnerable in front of them. If you struggle with communication, let your feelings out by writing them down on paper. The notes app is an introvert’s best friend so don’t be shy to use it either.

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