How to Develop a Cohesive Team in the Modern Workplace

by Carter Toni

Whether the modern workplace is your bedroom office or a more traditional, brick-and-mortar setup, developing a cohesive team is still just as important as ever before, only now, there are some added challenges to conquer.

This is partly down to the digital skills gap, the pandemic, remote working and the unwavering progression of modern technological advancement, to name a few.

In order to make sure you maximize your team’s potential and support your employees to the best of your ability, here are some useful tips that might be worth considering.

Everyone Needs to Know Their Role

Building and developing a team that thrives on cohesion requires everyone to know exactly what it is they are supposed to be doing.

You can help your team with this by detailing their individual responsibilities, while at the same time, allowing them the room they need to express any ideas or opinions they might have regarding any given project.

Sometimes, roles can and need to change, so as long as everyone knows what everyone else is up to, flexibility should not be too much of an issue, provided you at least establish some direction and responsibility first.

Reach a Common Level of Understanding

To fully be on the same page as one another, a complete understanding of the task at hand, and how to carry out that task is essential.

A good way to make sure everyone is operating at a shared level, and to the best of their ability, is to implement a cloud enablement program. By doing this, you can monitor your employees as they complete their learning assignments and grow together, hopefully closing the digital skills gap while they are at it.

Moreover, this solution can be applied to your workforce no matter where they are, whether they happen to be remote working or in the office, making it an enticing option for those of you wishing to embrace change and remain flexible.

Develop a Good Dynamic

A bad team dynamic often provides a sour atmosphere to work in, which is no fun for anyone. To ensure that your team sports a healthy dynamic, adopting a great company culture that resonates with your staff is vital.

You can start to do this by making sure you respect and acknowledge your staff as individuals, promote open dialogue and transparency, remain positive, and perhaps above all else, actively listen.

Sometimes, developing a great dynamic means taking a look at the big picture and working out whose personality does or does not fit with the others.

If there is a clashing presence, then you can take steps to move it in a different direction, one that makes the most out of the skillsets of both parties.

Group Rewards

The team that gets the job done together should be rewarded together. Group rewards can strengthen bonds between staff members, drive cohesion and promote loyalty moving forward.

Also, they can actually be quite fun if you think of an inventive experience gift, axe-throwing or skydiving, for example, or maybe just a nice meal after a hard day’s work.

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