How to disable the Norton Automatic / Annual Renewal Service?

by Glenn Maxwell

Norton anti-virus is really a well-known anti-virus all over the world because it has several plans for supplying excellent device security. The effective scan of Norton anti-virus keeps your device secure from data-thievery, adware and spyware, corruptions, and internet threats. You are able to install Norton on Home windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Lots of people believe that installing anti-virus on cellular devices is not required however they do not know ransomware, phishing, and other sorts of internet threats that you can get on cellular devices also. If you work with the web around the device then installing Norton anti-virus is essential to maintain your data protected from threats.

Whenever you install Norton’s plan on your pc you’re going to get a regular membership for any year (or more) based on the license. But after twelve months your plan will expire and also the device won’t be under adware and spyware protection. So, whenever your Norton anti-virus is going to expire renew the program immediately. Norton anti-virus comes with an auto-renewal plan where your Norton anti-virus renews itself once the plan is going to expire. For those who have purchased your Norton plan in the online shop your billing details is going to be available. Norton renews the program instantly and will the payment out of your charge card details. However, many people shouldn’t renew their Norton plan as they like upgrade it to a different plan or might not be pleased with Norton features. In those days they are able to Cancel Norton Anti-virus auto-renewal plan.

Steps to cancel Norton Anti-virus auto-renewal feature:

  1. Open your pc and study for Norton anti-virus
  2. Visit Norton website and then click Register
  3. Enter your Norton password
  4. Press the Login button
  5. Click the Subscriptions page
  6. Now you will notice a Norton Automatic renewal option
  7. Toggle the slider to Off
  8. You’re going to get a confirmation prompt in your screen
  9. Pick the Switch Off button

Now your Norton auto-renewal mode is disabled. In case your Norton plan will get expired your device can get uncovered towards the adware and spyware. So, should you not wish to lose any information then you need to renew your plan immediately. You may also renew the program by hand.

Steps to resume Norton anti-virus by hand

  1. Open you Norton dashboard
  2. Click Norton icon
  3. Visit My Norton Window
  4. Click Renew button
  5. Norton Subscription window can look in your screen
  6. Click Purchase a subscription button
  7. A prompt can look on screen
  8. Enter your bank account credentials
  9. Now you’ll be redirected towards the billing page
  10. Now take a look at order before hitting the payment button
  11. When your Norton anti-virus will get restored your license is going to be extended to the coming year.

Norton anti-virus starts delivering you expiry warning emails, messages, and pop-ups per month prior to the expiry date. However, many people hold back until the Norton plan will get expired after which renew the program because they think their remaining days can get lapsed. But this isn’t true since your remaining days can get put into your brand-new subscription. Should you renew your Norton license five days before expiry your remaining five days can get put into your brand-new Norton plan. So, once your Norton anti-virus notifies you regarding your subscription expiry renew it immediately.

Lots of people forget to disable Norton auto-renewal mode after which Norton will get restored. Take it easy since you can obtain the refund of the Norton anti-virus auto-renewal before thirty days. Should you contact the support team for any refund before thirty days then you’ll obtain a refund.

Many people disable the car-renewal intend to upgrade their Norton plan. Before you upgrade the Norton plan uninstall previous Norton setup after which install Upgraded Norton plan. It is simple to upgrade the Norton plan by using the steps given below:

  1. Open your tool and look for Norton anti-virus
  2. Visit Norton website you will notice various Norton plan
  3. Click the plan you need to install (remember to check on device needs)
  4. Register page can look in your screen
  5. Login Norton will your credentials
  6. Now you’re going to get a billing page

Enter billing details after which press the Buy Now button. After buying Norton anti-virus, you’re going to get an e-mail in your email account. Click Norton setup to operate. And follow all of the on-screen instructions to install the upgraded plan of Norton anti-virus on your pc. Additionally, you will obtain a product key combined with the receipt. Go into the product key for finishing the Norton installation process.

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