How to Figure Out What Type of Dentist You Need!

by Sean Dixon

Dental professionals perform services to correct, restore, and improve the smile. The overall goal of visiting a dentist is to avoid periodontal disease and tooth loss, and residents need to know which dental professional can help them based on what problem they are experiencing. Read more to figure out what type of dentist you need.  

Do You Have Severe Tooth Damage?

Severe tooth damage requires restorative dentistry, and restorative dentists perform treatments to correct chips, cracks, and cavities. If a person has damaged their teeth in an accident, these dentists can reconstruct the damaged tooth and restore the smile. Damage caused by medication, smoking, and inherited dental conditions make people feel bad about themselves and make them not want to smile in front of others. Set up an appointment if you are interested in seeing a dentist and restoring tooth damage. 

Do You Want A More Aesthetically Pleasing Smile?

Cosmetic dentists address aesthetic issues that diminish a person’s confidence. Possible treatments include teeth whitening, veneers, and decorative enamels for the teeth. High-caliber clients have gems installed on the front of their teeth as well as vibrant and fun tattoos. Dental tattoos are not applied with a tattoo gun, but instead, they are temporary templates that are glued onto the tooth. Adornments can transform the smile and let the patient exude their personal style. 

Are Your Teeth Crooked and Making You Feel Self-Conscious?

Orthodontists are specialists that manage alignment issues and install braces. Individuals who have crooked teeth or a gap between their teeth visit an orthodontist to get devices installed to correct their smile. For gaps, the orthodontist installs spacers to pull the teeth together and align them correctly. 

Patients can get metal, ceramic, or Invisalign braces to correct their alignment. Orthodontists listen to the requests of their clients, but some individuals are limited to what braces are covered by their dental insurance. Some major dental plans do not cover Invisalign, and some individuals face out-of-pocket costs if they want Invisalign. 

Do You Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are tricky, and if they become impacted, a trip to an oral surgeon is necessary. Impacted wisdom teeth cause pain and discomfort, and if an infection starts, patients might face a life-threatening situation. The oral surgeon gives the individual antibiotics to clear up the infection and decrease inflammation. The position of the wisdom tooth and how easy it is to pull determines if the oral surgeon has to cut out the tooth. After the surgery, the person receives pain medications and must gargle with salt water.  

Are You Missing Teeth?

Prosthodontists come to the rescue of patients who are missing teeth. These dental professionals create dentures and bridges to replace missing teeth and restore the smile. Clients have the option to get a permanent or removable bridge to replace sections of teeth. Dentures replace the teeth when a person is missing all of their teeth. If they want to get dental implants, they need to visit an oral surgeon. 

There are many kinds of dental professionals that perform different services for patients. By knowing what type of dentist they need, clients schedule an appointment with the correct professional to correct damage, restore the smile, or replace missing teeth. Learn more about dental services available to you by setting up an appointment.  

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