How To Find Inspiration When You’re Feeling Blue!

by Sean Dixon

It’s normal to feel a little down from time to time and everyone experiences it. For some people it’s rainy days, for others, it might be the anniversary of a loss. There doesn’t even have to be a trigger because sometimes it just happens when you least expect it. Feeling down can have a big impact on how you go about your day. You may find it hard to focus at work, and you may not even want to be at work. That’s because you know today you aren’t going to do your best work.

Pulling yourself out of the blues can be challenging, but sometimes something small and simple is capable of doing the trick. If you have the blues, here are some tips to make them brighter.

  1. Find Someone You Admire

If you had the opportunity to meet anyone from the past or present, who would you choose? It would probably be someone you admire or someone who does the same type of work that you do. That person most likely struggled with the blues, too.

What do you think it was that brought them the inspiration needed to get through their toughest days? For an artist, if you look up Frida Kahlo quotes, you’ll find she enjoyed painting flowers so they never died. What did your person have to say?

  1. Get Some Fresh Air

The research is undeniable. Getting outdoors has transformative powers on your mood. Experts say green spaces are best, but even concrete surroundings can work magic.

When was the last time you looked for shapes in the clouds or went out at night to see how far you could see into the stars? If it’s been a while, it may be time for some outdoor therapy.

  1. Spend Time With Friends

Do you have that one friend who always manages to make you smile? Set up a lunch or after-work date and do some catching up. It’s easy to get busy with life and overlook some of its best aspects, which includes enjoying the company of friends.

If you’ve recently located and don’t have any friends in your area, it’s time to get out and make some. If your workplace has a lunchroom, try dining there every day for a week to see who you meet.

You could also join a local club. It could be a gardening club, a book club, or a historical society. It’s easier to connect with people who have shared interests.

  1. Replenish Your Spirituality

Not everyone is spiritual, but for those who are, the absence of their spirituality may go unnoticed until they realize something is missing in their lives. If you’re a Christian who hasn’t been to church in a while, make a point to join the next service. In the same vein, if you’re Hindu, make a point to visit your local temple.

Whether you worship at a synagogue or a cathedral, your faith must constantly be fed and replenished. If you’re struggling with your faith, meet with your spiritual advisor for suggestions on what can be done to help get you through this time.

People who are agnostic or atheist can still be spiritual. If this is you, spending time somewhere that brings you undeniable awe, curiosity, or mystery could be all you need. Many people who don’t believe in a deity still attend church on Sunday simply for the uplifting music and message.

  1. Plan a Trip

When was the last time you looked forward to something? Having something to look forward to can have you joyfully counting down the days. It might be time to plan a trip.

Trips don’t have to be big and expensive. Even an overnight stay in a town with attractions you’ve never visited can entice excitement. Whether you want to cruise the Atlantic or travel three towns over, start planning something to do with that vacation time you’ve been accumulating.

Life has many opportunities for enjoyment and they aren’t hard to find. When you’re feeling down it’s not always easy to see this. The good thing is that you’re ready to address it. Get outside more often, see your friends, and plan your next big break from work. These are all things that can brighten every day.

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