How to Implement New Technology into the Workspace!

by Sean Dixon

For the tech-savvy, new workplace technology is nothing short of exciting. That isn’t the case for everyone, though. Many people get stuck in their ways, so they become frustrated when something new enters the workplace.

That can mean difficulty for businesses wanting to implement new technology into the workplace. Even if the technology dramatically improves workflow, it might still cause issues with employees who don’t understand it.

To ensure the integration of new technology goes smoothly, below are some things you can do.

Invest in Tech that Solves Problems

The best way to ensure the technology investment is a success is by investing in tech that actively solves problems. Then, even the most tech-allergic employees will come to see that it is functional.

One excellent tech investment is Citrix cloud on Azure. With its expert ability to manage workloads and cater to hybrid learning, it slots perfectly into a business’s technology processes. Just make sure you use the Citrix-managed services so that you and your team can fully understand how to use Citrix Cloud to its full potential.

Train Staff in the New Tech

Initially, most staff members won’t understand how to use the new technology – especially if it’s a complicated system. Everyone must get on board quickly, which is why training staff in the latest tech is so important. It means that your new communication software doesn’t get used by only half of the team!

Involve Employees in Tech-based Decisions

People are more likely to be on board with a decision they were a part of, so involve employees in new technology discussions. If you are investing in data security, for example, host a meeting and ask the team if they have any ideas about which security system might be best. You could even make a slideshow of the potential security systems to gain employee feedback.

Use an Implementation Team

An implementation team can be of one or a handful of people. Their job is simple – implementing the new technology by teaching staff members the best ways to use it. Yes, it costs more money than simply investing in the tech, but the time saved often makes up for it. It is convenient in a workplace with older staff members who might not be as technologically savvy as others.

Communicate with Employees

When changing any aspect of a business, communication is vital. So as well as involving employees in your tech-based decisions, you should also keep up communications along the way. From onboarding the new tech to checking in a month after use, it’s important to understand how everyone is getting on with it.

If employees have complaints about the new tech, it gives you an opportunity to iron out the kinks and decide whether it was the right decision in the first place. Remember – there are always issues at first, so don’t give up on it quickly.

Final Thoughts

Implementing new technology into the workplace is a task that any business is familiar with. By improving employee communication, investing in training, and choosing the right technology, you can be sure the new tech causes little to no issues.

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