How To Look Your Best In Photos 

by James Martin

Photo by Joshua Ardoin model Instagram @wendywonka1024

Here are some practical and simple tips for women and men to help you be more relaxed and confident – next time you have to do business portraits or a group selfie.

Will will cover things like knowing your best angles, to understanding where the camera should be positioned.

These tips will change the way you think about selfies and give you a toolset when the dreaded camera comes out.

Tips from a Fashion and Instagram Influencer Photographer

These posing tips come from Joshua Ardoin, a professional photographer, and trainer based in Playa del Carmen, MexicoHe was recently featured in an article in The London Telegraph about how to help Instagram travel influencers take better photos.

You will have the confidence and the intuition when you are being photographed that people will start to say “oh, she is so photogenic.”

These posing tips will transform how people see you on Instagram! Whether it’s a corporate party or an upcoming summer vacation, learn these tips.

Dress right for the situation – if you know you are taking photos that day, wear your favorite and best fitting outfit.  Since business portraits are often in black and white a navy or black suit will look nice.

Dark colors look nice, especially if you will be in a space with a white background

Light color or white is also lovely if you are in a space that is dimly lit or has brown or back black walls.

Learn to Make Good Mirror Selfies

Josh recommends practicing in front of a mirror before booking a professional photoshoot. This will allow you to what angles work for your style and which poses are 

This is immediate feedback to see in real-time what angles you like, what poses you’re doing, and how they translate on the camera. Once you know what works for you, you can. Use variations of poses over and over again and just make small adjusts every time you hear the shutter click.

Once you know your favorite go-to poses you will never get nervous when it’s time to take a group shot or shoot with a professional photographer.

Shoot In Multiple Locations

Instead of staying in one place for the whole photoshoot, have a few places picked out for your photoshoot. 

One of my best tips when shooting with someone who is not in a professional model is having the client move around and get them laughing. 

Candid, in-between shots are often what looks better than just standing and smiling.

It also helps to bring a friend along to make you feel more comfortable and gitty. 

Take tons of photos. Very few people look good in pictures all of the time. So, if you take more photos you will get some very nice ones.

Get Used to Being Photographed

Just like anything else the more you do photos the more you will become comfortable in front of the camera. 

Once you get a few shoots under your belt, you start to get a feel for what works for you and confidence will start to grow. 

A Mental Checklist on How to Take Better Photos

Use the best facial angle you learned from the mirror exercise.

Have the photographer position the camera above your eye line this helps make the body look slimmer

Sometimes in fashion shoots, the photographer gets down low and can create interesting photographs, it makes your legs longer and can make you look taller.

Figure out the best side of your face, from the mirror exercise above, and try to set up where you look your best and feel confident.

Get used to saying the word “money” and not cheese. The hard “e” sound at the end of “money” makes the corners of your mouth naturally go up and your eyes should sparkle a bit, creating a real authentic smile.

Men Posing Tips

If you’re like most guys, your go-to pose when someone wants to take your picture is probably just standing there with your arms at your sides. 

If you really want to look your best in photos, it’s worth taking some time to learn a few poses that will help you look taller, leaner, and more confident. 

Here are our top posing tips for men. Give them a try the next time you’re being photographed!

Women Posing Tips

When it comes to posing for photos, women tend to have a few more challenges than men. Not only do we have to worry about how we look, but we also have to be extra aware of our outfits, and our angles. 

However, with a few simple tips, you can master the art of posing like a professional model. Here are the best posing tips for women. Check out this video for the  10 easiest Instagram poses to rock on your next Instagram photoshoot.


So, the next time you have to do a business portrait or group selfie, take a deep breath and remember some of these tips. You may feel more relaxed and confident, and your photos will show it! 

If you want more posing advice or free photography training, check out Joshua Ardoin’s website. He has lots of great tips for anyone looking to up their photography or posing game. 

Thanks for reading – we hope these tips help you look your best in any photo situation!

Women selfie


We all know the age-old saying, “sex sells.” And while that may be true to some extent, what really sells is a good pose. After all, if you can’t sell yourself in a photo, how are you supposed to sell anything else?

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to posing, there are certain things that tend to work well for most people. Here are a few tips to help you get started:


  1. Remember to breathe. This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s easy to forget when you’re in front of the camera. Relax and take some deep breaths before you start posing. It’ll help you feel more comfortable and natural in front of the lens


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