How To Pick Your First Vape Device

by Carter Toni


With vaping gaining popularity these days, curious individuals like yourself might be interested in trying it out. But the world of vaping can seem more complex than it is, solely because there are just too many types of vape devices that one can choose from. To add on, every different type of device has its own unique functions and ways to use them.

These are the common barriers that beginners face when trying to pick up vaping, but we are here to smoothen this vaping journey for you. To start this journey off, first, we need to find the perfect vape device that suits your needs. In this article, we will dissect the four main types of vape devices – namely cigalikes, pod systems, vape pens and vape mods. Read on to learn how to find a suitable vape device for you. After you’re done reading, you can then head over to geek bar to get your vape device of choice!

1.   Cigalike

Compact and cylindrical, this vaping device was intentionally made to resemble a tobacco cigarette. When Cigalike manufacturers began selling their e-cigarettes, the product was made to look like a cigarette for smokers to associate Cigalike with smoking. This uncanny resemblance also helped to indicate that it contains nicotine, hence, don’t be surprised when you see a vaping device being sold at traditional tobacco vendors.

Cigalike’s greatest benefit lies in its simplicity. Just like their minimalistic outlook, it is extremely easy to operate. With Cigalike, all you have to care about is keeping the device charged when not in use and replacing the cartridge when it runs out of flavour. Just like cigarettes, users just need to inhale from the device to experience its goodness.

However, Cigalike may not be the best choice for a beginner vaper because of its limited flavour range. Pre-filled vaping devices like Cigalike are mandated to offer only two flavours – tobacco and menthol – according to legal restrictions. Thus, we only recommend this product to exist smokers who are looking to switch to vaping, since they have a similar appearance and flavour to tobacco cigarettes. Beginners are encouraged to experiment with refillable e-cigarettes that use bottled e-juice since they do not have any flavour restrictions. This creates more opportunities for beginners to try different flavours instead of limiting themselves to just two variations.

2.   Pod systems

Pod systems refer to any vaping device that connects itself to a removable plastic pod that contains the e-liquid for vaping to occur. Most pod systems are compact like cigalikes, but there are also larger versions that are referred to as pod mods which can be more powerful.

When you visit a convenience store or a traditional tobacco vendor, you might spot a pod system that has pre-filled pods. But just like cigalikes, as long as the device has a pre-filled pod, there are flavour limitations. Hence, readers are encouraged to pick up pod systems with exchangeable pods instead.

Pod systems are a popular choice by fellow vapers because it offers maximum satisfaction while keeping the functions simple. The only maintenance needed for the pod system will be the refilling of pods when the e-juice runs out. Aside from that, you just have to ensure the battery is charged for your next vaping session. Since pod systems were designed to compliment nicotine salt vape juice, users who crave nicotine can better enjoy this e-liquid with a higher concentration.

In terms of drawbacks, pod systems pale in comparison to Cigalike when discussing simplicity and convenience. But taking their wide range of flavours into account, we will reiterate that this device might be the best vaping device for beginners.

3. Vape pen

As the name suggests, this vape device resembles a pen with its long and cylindrical structure. Instead of a plastic pod, the vape pen uses a glass tank that contains a replaceable coil within it. The coil should be replaced when you sense the vape flavour starts to change. Users have to disassemble the glass tank for coil replacement.

The vape pen has a larger structure compared to the previous two devices, this allows the vape pen users to create bigger clouds and have longer battery life. Considering the device’s durability and power, vape pens may be suited for users that need to satisfy their high nicotine needs.

When it comes to vape pens, it is worth noting that not all devices are designed for users to inhale from their mouth that most of us are used to. Some vape pens are modified for a larger cloud production with huge tanks, so when users inhale, the vapour directly enters the lungs. A mouthpiece designed for direct lung inhalation may not be so beginner-friendly and it might take a while before users get used to it.

4. Vape Mod

Amongst the four types of vaping devices we’ve recommended so far, the vape mod boasts the most power. Being the largest in size, this boxy device holds one or multiple high-capacity batteries.

Vape mods are generally recommended for more experienced vapers because they are equipped with advanced features that beginners might not be able to handle. They allow more customisation to be done – users who wish to create bigger clouds may opt for a vape mod that is equipped with a tank. Hence, this device is best suited for vapers who already know what they want in a vaping device. A beginner should only opt for this device only if they are looking for one with the highest battery power.

Similarly to vape pens, most vape mods are equipped with a tank that requires mouth-to-lung inhaling. E-liquid with a lower nicotine concentration is often used to accommodate this particular inhaling style, but it might not give you that satisfaction you are looking for. Furthermore, the device lacks simplicity and beginners may struggle to manoeuvre around this complicated structure. All in all, beginners should start with a simpler vaping device before experimenting with a vape pen.


We hope that this article has showcased the positive and negative aspects of the common vaping devices you see in this industry. Although we believe that the pod system is the most beginner-friendly device out of the four, readers are still strongly encouraged to do their own research to better understand their personal requirements in a vaping device.

The act of vaping is meant to be a relaxing moment. Hence, we wish that this article has successfully guided you to find your perfect vaping device for you to experience this goodness with us.

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