How to Track Your Partner’s Phone Without Them Knowing

by James Martin

Sometimes being happily ever after isn’t as happy as it seems. You won’t notice until your partner is distant and you don’t get any response. It’s almost like he’s hiding things from you. To help you find what he’s looking for, we’re going to tell you how you can track her partner’s phone without her knowing.

Tracking my partner’s phone without them knowing? Is it possible?

Here is the short answer: Yes, you can track your partner’s phone without them knowing. But if your partner is the paranoid type, or very tech-savvy, there’s a slim chance they’ll find out. Anyway, how to track a phone is not a difficult thing anymore, thanks to the existing tracking phones.

The risks

First of all, we must warn you about the risks of installing tracking and spying applications. There are probably two questions you should ask before using or installing any partner tracking app:

It is safe?

it’s legal

The applications you will use will depend on those two questions. But these are the necessary risks involved if you want to discover the truth.

Privacy and cybersecurity risks

Any app that requires location tracking can jeopardize not only your partner’s privacy, but yours as well. It’s pretty obvious at this point that since he’s married, there’s going to be a few places they’re going to go together. That means there will be companies that know where you live and can send you annoying spam or targeted advertising. Worse yet, you could be a victim of identity theft.

Legal risks

Some countries have data privacy laws that may make some features of tracking apps illegal. You don’t want to go to jail if you’re not the one in the wrong! So be sure to check the laws in your country before installing spy software on your partner’s phone. Even some applications that are suspected to be eavesdropping applications have been banned from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s Play Store. You can see the news at this link.

You can choose first or third party solutions. Both have some advantages and disadvantages.

With first-party solutions, you would not have to install a new app on your partner’s phone. You can now track your partner’s location using apps that come pre-installed on your phone.

Here are some points you need to know about “reputable” traking apps:

Lawful. These apps come with your phone already, so you just need to agree to your phone manufacturer’s Privacy Policy. You will not have to perform any additional steps.

Sure. These options do not carry the same privacy risks as third-party apps. Chances are, whether you use an iOS or Android phone, you already trust Apple or Google with your sensitive data.

No root or jailbreak required. Because these tools come pre-installed on your phone, you would not have to go the root or jailbreak route. This is a great advantage if you are not tech-savvy.

The cons

There’s a big downside to using these apps: Your partner might find out. Unlike third-party tools, your partner can receive notifications that you are tracking their location.

Worst part? You can turn off location sharing. That’s not exactly the best strategy for finding out where your partner is going or understanding their suspicious activity.

The easiest way around this is to tell it to enable location services on your phone. The world is a dangerous place and she won’t say no if you want to protect her safety.

But if she has something to hide… That’s more than you need to confirm your suspicion. It is a red flag.

Do you understand what has been explained above? We hope so! One last piece of advice is if you have to do “wiretapping”, do it “responsibly”. In some countries, including the United States, this activity is classified as illegal. You can refer to the decisions of Congress in the ’60s. If you have to do something illegal, make sure to do it very responsibly. This is the reference.

Hopefully this article was useful. Thanks for reading!

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