Improve Customer Care Service With Live Chat Software

by Glenn Maxwell

Having a company, of any form, means you have customers or clients to satisfy. Keeping them satisfied is what will keep the company and the business running. But it will be difficult if you cannot manage your contacts and comments from them. And managing can be hard, especially when each customer has a different platform for connecting with you.

But what if all of these were connected to one common platform alone? A place where you can have all the customers and clients can interact through different platforms, but you have them all together in one itself. This is what Live Chat Software does for you.

Multiple Channels And All Being Live

The main difficulty in managing customers and making sure of their satisfaction is keeping up with the different platforms. But this software, allows you to manage different channels, all at the same time. here, the channel is analogous to the platform or media networking through which your customer chooses to communicate.

It will all be kept in the same place, therefore allowing you to manage all of them together and that too all live. It will be much easier to send and receive information as they are all in one place together. The software also allows you to customize the theme of the chat place depending on your requirement and business.

All Contacts Are Present

Is there any customer you wish to provide an update to regarding their query? But since the chat has already been closed, you are unable to get back to them. Then what is the way to contact them, especially when the information to be passed is important? This is possible if you have saved them as contacts in the software.

The best part about website live chat Software is that it allows you to manage all contacts from different channels and that too with these contacts being recorded in the contacts list as soon as you receive a message from them through the software. In this way, you will have all the customer’s contact, too in the same place. therefore being able to get back to customers and clients alike. The stream chat api provides an unmatched level of performance and UX that enables you to rapidly build in-app chat messaging.

Bots And Humans

Do you wish to have an AI assistant who replies to the customers with frequently asked questions and queries? That is also possible with this software. It allows you to customize and form bots for your company almost immediately. But what about when the doubt is not solvable by the bot alone. Does it require a specific solution that is not coded to the bot?

Then the chat has to be redirected to an actual human customer care representative. Through the feature called chat transfer, this process appears to be done seamlessly as well. this feature allows the chat to be transferred from a bot to a special assistant who can help with specific queries. The process is also simple and efficient as well as the person being connected will be an expert in the field.

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