India’s Best Dancer 3: A Recap of the Spectacular 1 October 2023 Episode!

by Moore Martin

India’s Best Dancer 3 1 October 2023 Written Update


India’s Best Dancer 3 is back with a bang! In this written update, we dive into the electrifying world of dance, entertainment, and remarkable moments that unfolded in the episode aired on October 1, 2023. This show, now in its third season, continues to captivate audiences with its extraordinary talent and star-studded appearances.

A Platform for Exceptional Dancers
India’s Best Dancer 3 provides a platform for exceptionally talented dancers to showcase their moves and earn the recognition they truly deserve. Each contestant brings a unique and mesmerizing dance style to the stage, promising a visual treat for the viewers.

Star-Studded Guests

The episode on October 1, 2023, witnessed the presence of two Bollywood icons, Govinda and Kriti Sanon. Their charismatic performances added an extra layer of excitement to the show. Additionally, Jai, with his comedic prowess, injected a dose of laughter into the proceedings, creating an enchanting atmosphere for the audience.

Govinda and Sonali’s Dance Magic

Govinda, the legendary Bollywood actor, graced the stage and danced with the graceful Sonali Bendre. Together, they recreated the magic of the hit song “Prem Jal Me Fas Gai Main To.” Their impeccable dance moves left the audience spellbound, and Govinda’s charisma elevated the grand finale to new heights.

Memorable Dialogues

The show was not just about dance; it was also a platform for iconic Bollywood dialogues. Govinda, with his signature style, delivered his famous lines that left everyone in splits. Even Tiger Shroff, another Bollywood sensation, joined the fun with his iconic dialogue, “Choti Bachi Ho Kya.” The last episode was an unforgettable rollercoaster of entertainment.

The Grand Winner

While all the contestants showcased phenomenal talent, there can only be one winner. The title of India’s Best Dancer 3 was rightfully bestowed upon Samarpan Lama, a moment that sent heartbeats racing. To sweeten the victory, Samarpan Lama was awarded a cash prize of INR 15 lakhs. Stay tuned to this site for more updates as we bring you all the latest developments.


India’s Best Dancer 3 continues to be a source of inspiration and joy for dance enthusiasts across the nation. With its stellar performances, celebrity appearances, and memorable moments, the show reaffirms its position as a must-watch for all entertainment lovers.


1. When does India’s Best Dancer 3 air?

India’s Best Dancer 3 is a television show that airs regularly. Check your local listings for specific air times.

2. Who were the celebrity guests on the October 1, 2023 episode?

The star-studded guests on the October 1, 2023 episode of India’s Best Dancer 3 were Govinda, Kriti Sanon, and Tiger Shroff.

3. How much prize money did the winner of India’s Best Dancer 3 receive?

The winner of India’s Best Dancer 3, Samarpan Lama, received a cash prize of INR 15 lakhs.

4. Is India’s Best Dancer 3 open to international contestants?

No, India’s Best Dancer 3 is a show exclusively for Indian contestants to showcase their dance talent.

5. Where can I watch the episodes of India’s Best Dancer 3?

You can catch the episodes of India’s Best Dancer 3 on your local television network or streaming platforms that have the rights to the show.

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