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Over the past couple of decades, extended warranties have garnered a lot of recognition from lots of car owners. The extended warranty trend took a huge shift back in the 90s and has seen tremendous growth up to these modern days. This type of warranty is was created to deal with unforeseen expenses that come as a result of unpredicted breakdowns. It covers, a lot of equipment, machinery, and electronics but this article will major on vehicles. Extended warranties can be purchased later on or when purchasing a new car. It will automatically come into action once the factory warranty expires.

Most factory warranties do not last that long hence need for an extended warranty. The factory warranties go for only 3 years depending on the vehicle’s make. This is a very short span that may affect you if you plan on keeping your car for long. To be frank, extended warranties have helped many car owners and saved them big from huge financial bills brought about by a car breakdown. If you are planning to own a car or you have one right now, there is no reason why you can be driving a car without an extended warranty. This is the right time to get an extended warranty.

Now, there are tons of extended warranty providers here in Canada. You can either decide to purchase an extended warranty from the factory itself; that is the carmaker or from athird-party dealership. However, purchasing an extended warranty from a third-party dealership seems to be the best option. Once again, an issue will arise and that is picking on the best-extended warranty provider. There is a wide array of extended warranty providers to choose from. The list ranges from the best-extended warranty providers to the least good. But now we are going only to look at two. That is; Carshield versus Carchex and determine which one is better than the other.

Carshield verses Carchex.

Both are giant and well-known extended warranty providers that have been in the game for a very long time now. Both companies are a great choice if you are looking to secure your car and offer out-of-the-ordinary services. However, according to some facts and research, Carshield is profound and offers exemplary services to car owners. There has been always a heated debate on the top-most extended warranty providers on who is better than the other. Between carchex vs carshield, Carshield has always been viewed as a better option. Is this fact true or false? That is what we are about to dive into and understand. To get a clear understanding of this, some factors will be used to differentiate and compare the two and point out if Carshield is better than Carchex.

1. Coverage.

This is the number one factor that will help find out whether Carshield is better than Carchex. Extended warranty coverage I always determined by the type of plan you are going for. There is awide array of plans to choose from. They range from minor ones to more complex coverage that covers major components and complex parts. Both Carshield and Carchex have almost similar plans. However, the type of coverage which these plans cover and also the number of plans might differ. Carchex offers 5 extended warranty plans while Carshield offers 6 plans.

Here is a detailed tabled of both of the two providers respectively.



Plans Coverage
Diamond This is the mother of all plans since it covers all major parts of a car. It is mostly associated with covering cars that are still fresh and new.





Motorcycle and ATV

This one is meant for a car that has high mileage. For instance, a car with over 100,000 miles might be considered fit for this plan.

Cover powertrain parts as well as other components

Cover powertrain parts only.

Cover electrical components.

Cover motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles

Titanium This is the mother of all plans since it covers all major parts of a car. It is mostly associated with covering cars that are still fresh and new.





Follow after titanium and covers generally major parts in a car. Unlike other plans, its covered parts are usually indicated in the contract papers.

This one is meant for a car that has high mileage. For instance, a car with over 100,000 miles.

Cover technological parts only.

Covers the powertrain part is considered the basic plan and cheaper

Carshield carries the day here due to a large number of plans. The numbers in plans give a customer an easy time and pick on a plan that best suits the car. However, the more the plans do not make Carchex seem inferior. Despite its less plan, the companiesdo their best to make sure customer satisfaction is achieved.

2. Reviews.

Both the two are very great performers and have recorded mass numbers of reviews from clients ever since. The reviews as much as some might take them lightly, are one of the greatest factors to determine the credibility and reliability of a service provider. On a head-to-head comparison between Carchexversus Carshield, Carshield beats its competitor hands down. Carchex is an A+ accredited company whereas Carshield is poorly rated by BBB. Frequent past complaints by Carshield customers are also another reason for their poor rating and reviews.


Both Carshield and Carchex are amongst the best-extended warranty providers countrywide. However, Carchex stands out to be the best provider. Despite its less plan number, the companieswork at their best to provide quality services, easy claiming processes, and fair and reasonable plan costs. With all that in one company, you will have the numbers. This is why Carchex is rated A+ and has tons of positive reviews, unlike Carshield. Extensive research before making a purchase will definitely be of great help and help you pick on a reliable and trustworthy provider.

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