Is Cocoa Tea Dead? Is Cocoa Tea Hospitalized? Know All Details Hear-

by Moore Martin

Is Cocoa Tea Dead

Cocoa Tea is very much alive despite circulating rumors indicating otherwise; he is currently hospitalized, prompting concern and calls for prayers from his family.


In recent days, the internet has been abuzz with rumors suggesting the demise of the beloved Jamaican reggae artist, Cocoa Tea. However, this article aims to put those rumors to rest and provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information about his current situation.

Cocoa Tea is Alive

Contrary to the circulating rumors online, Cocoa Tea is very much alive. His wife, Malvia Scott, has personally confirmed this fact. She dismissed the claims of his passing and urged the public to keep Cocoa Tea in their prayers.


While Cocoa Tea is alive, he is currently in the hospital. The specific details about his illness and his present health condition have not been disclosed. The family has asked for privacy during this challenging time.

Who is Cocoa Tea?

Cocoa Tea, born Colvin George Scott, is a renowned Jamaican reggae artist who emerged as a prominent figure in the late 1980s and early 1990s within the Jamaican reggae scene. Hailing from Rocky Point, Clarendon, he gained widespread recognition globally in the 1990s.

Notable Hits

Cocoa Tea is known for numerous hits that have left a lasting impact on reggae music. Some of his famous tracks include “Holy Mount Zion,” “Young Lover,” “Rikers Island,” “Barack Obama,” and “She Loves Me Now.”


Apart from his musical talents, Cocoa Tea has also made strides in the business world. He established his own record label, Roaring Lion, around the year 2000. This label has been a platform for nurturing new talent in the industry.

Contribution to the Industry

Cocoa Tea’s influence goes beyond his music. He initiated the annual New Year’s Eve event, Dancehall Jam Jam, which has become a significant cultural celebration. Additionally, he has been instrumental in recognizing and promoting emerging talent in the industry, such as Koffee, whom he met through producer Walshy Fire.

Is Cocoa Tea Hospitalized?

Yes, Cocoa Tea is currently hospitalized, as confirmed by his wife, Malvia Scott. However, it’s important to emphasize that despite being in the hospital, he is alive and fighting. The family has requested prayers and privacy during this challenging time.


In conclusion, the rumors about Cocoa Tea’s demise are entirely false. He is very much alive and receiving medical attention in a hospital. While the specific details of his illness remain undisclosed, the love and support of his fans continue to pour in. Let us keep Cocoa Tea in our thoughts and prayers as he battles through this difficult period.

Is Cocoa Tea Dead: FAQs

1. Is Cocoa Tea alive or dead?
Cocoa Tea is alive, contrary to circulating rumors.

2. Where is Cocoa Tea from?
Cocoa Tea hails from Rocky Point, Clarendon, Jamaica.

3. What are some of Cocoa Tea’s famous songs?
Some of Cocoa Tea’s famous tracks include “Rikers Island,” “Young Lover,” “Barack Obama,” and “She Loves Me Now.”

4. Why is Cocoa Tea in the hospital?
Details about Cocoa Tea’s illness or the reason for his hospitalization haven’t been disclosed.

5. Where does Cocoa Tea reside?
Cocoa Tea has been living in Florida, USA, for some time now.

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