Is Fred Lewis Still Mining? The Remarkable Journey of Fred Lewis on “Gold Rush”

by Moore Martin

Fred Lewis Still Mining

The gold mining enthusiast’s surprising transition from military medic to mine boss, with unwavering determination.


The world of reality television often introduces us to individuals who undergo extraordinary transformations, captivating the hearts of viewers around the globe. One such individual is Fred Lewis, whose journey on the popular TV series “Gold Rush” has been nothing short of remarkable. In this article, we’ll delve into the twists and turns of Fred Lewis’s life as he transitioned from a military medic to a mine boss, facing challenges and setbacks with unwavering determination.

Fred Lewis’s Journey on “Gold Rush”

Fred Lewis’s story on “Gold Rush” is a rollercoaster of unexpected developments. Initially serving as a medic and security detail for Parker Schnabel’s crew, Fred’s transition into a mine boss in Season 11 took everyone by surprise. Leading the Misfits Mining crew, composed of military veterans, Fred faced a series of challenges in his gold mining endeavors.

These challenges included equipment issues, dealing with inexperienced workers, and battling harsh weather conditions. However, what stood out was Fred’s unwavering determination and resilience as he continued to chase his dream of striking it rich with gold. His ability to adapt to various roles and overcome adversities is a testament to his remarkable character.

Who is Fred Lewis on the Gold Rush?

Fred Curtis Lewis, hailing from Dresden Mills, Maine, and born in 1977, is a remarkable individual who made the remarkable transition from being a military medic and Green Beret to the gold mining world depicted in the popular TV series “Gold Rush.” Fred’s military service took him to diverse countries, where he honed his linguistic skills and faced numerous challenges.

Post-military service, he battled health issues, including seizures and short-term memory loss. Nonetheless, he embarked on a new career path, joining the cast of “Gold Rush.” Fred is notably the driving force behind Misfits Mining, a crew he founded, featuring fellow military veterans who share his enthusiasm for gold mining. His portrayal in the show highlights his tenacity and ambition as he strives to carve a niche for himself in the fiercely competitive gold mining industry.



Name Fred Curtis Lewis
Date of Birth 1977
Birthplace Dresden Mills, Maine, U.S.
Career Military Medic, Gold Miner, Former Biology Teacher
Family Married to Khara Lewis, with four children
Career Transition Joined “Gold Rush” as a medic and later became a mine boss
Current Status Active in gold mining and preparing for future seasons on “Gold Rush”
Hobbies Enjoys exploring nature, traveling, and spending quality time with family

Is Fred Lewis Still Mining?

Yes, Fred Lewis is very much still in the gold mining game. His recent social media updates reveal his preparations to return to the Yukon for another season of gold mining. In this waiting period, miners rely on a crucial ferry service to access their mining sites, a service dependent on the clearing of snow and ice. Fred’s unwavering dedication and commitment to gold mining continue, and he remains connected with fans of the “Gold Rush” series, sharing his experiences and adventures in the world of gold mining.

Fred Lewis Family

Fred Lewis’s life is deeply intertwined with his family, particularly his wife, Khara Lewis, who plays a pivotal role in supporting his mining ventures. Khara’s background as a former military specialist, specializing in psychological operations, brings a unique perspective to their partnership. Together, they actively engage in mining operations, exemplifying a remarkable teamwork dynamic.

The Lewis family shares an adventurous spirit and a love for exploration, whether it’s delving into nature’s wonders, embarking on exciting travels, or simply cherishing quality time together. Their faith and the close-knit community of friends further enrich their lives, making family a central pillar in their collective journey.

Fred Lewis Age

Fred Lewis, at the age of around 46, carries a rich tapestry of life experiences. Born in 1977, he embarked on a journey that traversed the realms of military service, embracing linguistic and medical roles as a medic in the US Army Special Forces, and navigating the challenges of diverse countries. His transition into gold mining through the “Gold Rush” added a captivating chapter to his story.

Fred Lewis Career

Before stepping into the world of gold mining during the “Gold Rush,” Fred Lewis led a multi-faceted career. His initial path in the US Army Special Forces as a medic exposed him to various countries and languages, a testament to his adaptability and skills. After military service and grappling with health challenges, Fred transitioned to farming and education.

He earned a degree in Agriculture with a focus on Livestock Production, showcasing his commitment to learning and growth. Notably, he also contributed as a biology teacher, sharing his knowledge and passion for education.

However, the most remarkable twist in his career came when he joined the “Gold Rush” series. Beginning as a medic and evolving into a mine boss, Fred formed the resilient Misfits Mining crew. This career shift underscores his dedication to pursuing his dreams, regardless of the challenges he encounters.

Fred Lewis Net Worth

Fred Lewis has an estimated net worth of approximately $1 million. His primary source of income comes from his involvement in gold mining, both as a cast member on the Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” series and as a mine boss leading the Misfits Mining crew. While his net worth may not match some of the more established gold miners on the show, such as Tony Beets or Parker Schnabel, Fred Lewis continues to work hard and pursue his dreams in the challenging world of gold mining.


Fred Lewis’s journey on “Gold Rush” is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and the pursuit of dreams. From his military service to his unexpected transition into gold mining, Fred’s story is one of determination, adaptability, and unwavering commitment.

What Happened to Fred Lewis on Gold Rush? – FAQs

1. Who is Khara Lewis?

Khara Lewis is Fred’s wife and a former military specialist. She actively participates in mining operations alongside Fred, showcasing their teamwork.

2. How old is Fred Lewis from “Gold Rush”?

Fred Lewis was born in 1977, making him approximately 46 years old.

3. What was Fred Lewis’s career background before the “Gold Rush”?

Before “Gold Rush,” Fred had a diverse career, including military service as a medic, a degree in Agriculture, and work as a biology teacher.

4. Is Fred Lewis still actively involved in gold mining?

Yes, Fred Lewis is still actively engaged in gold mining and has plans to return to the Yukon for another season.

5. What is the name of the crew formed by Fred Lewis in “Gold Rush”?

Fred Lewis formed the crew known as Misfits Mining, which comprises military veterans who share his passion for gold mining.

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