Is Kelly Monaco Leaving General Hospital? Why is Kelly Monaco Not on General Hospital?

by Moore Martin

Is Kelly Monaco Leaving General Hospital


In the world of soap operas, rumors of beloved characters leaving the show can cause quite a stir among fans. One such rumor that has been circulating recently is whether Kelly Monaco, known for her role as Sam McCall on General Hospital, is bidding farewell to the show. In this article, we will clarify the situation and shed light on why she temporarily left the show.

Kelly Monaco’s Steady Presence

Let’s begin by stating the facts: Kelly Monaco is not leaving General Hospital. The recent casting change, with Lindsay Hartley stepping in temporarily, raised some eyebrows among fans. However, it’s essential to understand that this was not a permanent change but rather a temporary measure.

Understanding Temporary Casting Changes

Temporary casting changes are not uncommon in the soap opera industry. They are a practical way to ensure that the show’s storyline remains coherent when an actor needs to address personal matters or take a brief hiatus. In Kelly Monaco’s case, her absence was due to health reasons, and the show’s representative did not disclose specific details.

Kelly Monaco: A Versatile Talent

Before delving into the details of her temporary absence, let’s take a moment to appreciate Kelly Monaco’s versatile career. At 47 years old, she is not just a soap opera star but also a well-known American actress and model. Monaco has portrayed Sam McCall on General Hospital since 2003, earning a special place in the hearts of soap opera fans.

Beyond the soap opera realm, Monaco made history as the very first champion of the reality TV competition, Dancing with the Stars. Her ability to transition between acting and dancing showcased her talent and versatility. Additionally, she graced the pages of Playboy as “Playmate of the Month” in April 1997, proving her modeling prowess.

The Short Break and Lindsay Hartley’s Role

Now, let’s address why Kelly Monaco briefly stepped away from General Hospital. As mentioned earlier, her departure was temporary and was solely due to health reasons. The show’s producers, respecting her privacy, did not disclose further details about her condition. It’s worth noting that Monaco missed only one episode.

To ensure the continuity of the show during Monaco’s brief break, Lindsay Hartley temporarily filled in as Sam McCall. This move aligns with a recent trend in General Hospital, where they make short-term replacements for leading roles to maintain storyline consistency during actors’ temporary absences.

FAQs: Is Kelly Monaco Leaving General Hospital?

Let’s wrap up this article with some frequently asked questions about Kelly Monaco’s status on General Hospital.

  1. Is Kelly Monaco permanently leaving “General Hospital”?
    No, her absence is temporary, and she will be back on the show soon.
  2. Who replaced Kelly Monaco on “General Hospital”?
    Lindsay Hartley temporarily replaced Kelly Monaco as Sam McCall.
  3. What other roles is Kelly Monaco known for?
    Besides her role as Sam McCall, Kelly Monaco is known for portraying Livvie Locke on “Port Charles” and winning the first season of “Dancing with the Stars.”
  4. Why did Lindsay Hartley replace Kelly Monaco on “General Hospital”?
    Kelly Monaco was temporarily unwell, prompting Hartley to step in for one episode.


In conclusion, there is no need to worry about Kelly Monaco leaving General Hospital permanently. Her recent absence was due to health reasons, and she will be returning to her role as Sam McCall shortly. Kelly Monaco’s versatility and talent continue to make her an integral part of the soap opera industry.

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