Is Kevin Mcgarry Leaving When Calls the Heart? When Calls the Heart!

by Moore Martin

Is Kevin Mcgarry Leaving When Calls the Heart

The fate of Kevin McGarry’s character, Nathan Grant, on the beloved TV series “When Calls the Heart” has been a hot topic of discussion among fans. This article explores the latest updates on Kevin McGarry’s status in the show and delves into the character of Nathan Grant.

When Calls the Heart

Before we get into the details, let’s take a step back and look at the backdrop of this intriguing TV series. “When Calls the Heart” is an American show that made its debut on January 11, 2014, on the Hallmark Channel. Inspired by Janette Oke’s book of the same name, the series has had its share of ups and downs.

The show features Erin Krakow in a leading role, and over the years, it has gained a loyal following. However, it faced a significant challenge during its sixth season when one of its actors, Lori Loughlin, encountered legal issues, resulting in her removal from the show. Despite this setback, “When Calls the Heart” has continued to thrive, with recent renewals for its tenth and eleventh seasons.

Is Kevin McGarry Leaving When Calls the Heart?

The burning question among fans is whether Kevin McGarry, who portrays Nathan Grant, is leaving the show. As of the latest available information, there hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding his departure. This means that, at that time, he was still actively bringing the character of Nathan Grant to life on the show.

However, it’s essential to remember that the world of television is dynamic, and casting decisions can change over time. Actors may choose to leave a series for various reasons, or show creators may alter storylines that affect the fate of characters. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on Kevin McGarry’s status on “When Calls the Heart,” it’s advisable to consult the latest news updates or official statements from the show’s creators or the broadcasting network.

Born March 19, 1985 (age 38)
Place of Birth Kincardine, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Citizenship Canada
Education Creative writing, Theater Arts
Alma mater George Brown College
Occupation Actor
Years active 2006-present
Known for Nathan Grant in the Hallmark Channel series When Calls the Heart

Who Plays Nathan on When Calls the Heart?

Kevin McGarry takes on the role of Nathan Grant in “When Calls the Heart,” beginning with season 6. Nathan is a Mountie who arrives in Hope Valley, accompanied by his niece, Allie. Throughout the series, Nathan’s character experiences romantic feelings for Elizabeth, the main protagonist, but finds it challenging to express his emotions.

In a pivotal moment in Season 8, Nathan confesses his love for Elizabeth, only to be met with surprise as she departs unexpectedly. Later, it’s revealed that Nathan came to Hope Valley to protect Elizabeth and her son, feeling responsible for the tragic events surrounding Jack’s death. Elizabeth’s response adds a twist to their relationship in the series.

Kevin McGarry’s portrayal of Nathan Grant adds depth and emotion to the character, making his journey of love, guilt, and friendship a central focus of the show’s storyline.

Nathan on When Calls the Heart

Nathan Grant, a key figure in “When Calls the Heart,” is skillfully brought to life by Kevin McGarry’s acting prowess. McGarry’s compelling performance captures the essence of Nathan, the dedicated Mountie in Hope Valley, and has endeared him to the show’s passionate fanbase.

His nuanced portrayal, highlighting the complexities of Nathan’s character as he juggles law enforcement duties and matters of the heart, has played a vital role in the series’ success, making him a beloved character among viewers. Kevin McGarry’s talent and charisma shine through in his role as Nathan, contributing to the enduring appeal of “When Calls the Heart.”

Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace

Beyond his role in the series, Kevin McGarry’s personal life has also garnered attention. Born on March 19, 1985, in Canada, he is renowned for his portrayal of Nathan Grant. Notably, Kevin McGarry’s wife is Kayla Wallace, and their love story unfolded on the set of “When Calls the Heart” in 2019. They officially announced their relationship in 2020 and became engaged in late 2022.

Fans have witnessed their love story blossom both on and off-screen. Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace are set to share the screen once more when “When Calls the Heart” returns for its tenth season in July 2023.

Is Nathan Leaving When Calls the Heart?

In the ninth season of “When Calls the Heart,” Kevin McGarry’s character, Nathan, undergoes significant development. While we do not have definitive information on his departure, it’s evident that his character is still healing from past wounds. Nathan’s journey to recovery is portrayed authentically, showing that he doesn’t miraculously overcome his emotional struggles. Additionally, his relationship with Lucas evolves during this season, moving beyond initial competition to a better understanding.

As Nathan continues his healing journey, Elizabeth and Lucas progress in their own relationship. Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth, appreciates Lucas even more as she witnesses his genuine care for her son, Jack. Lucas is not just the dashing saloon owner but also a person who deeply cares for her child, further deepening their connection.


1. Is Kevin McGarry leaving “When Calls the Heart”?

As of my last update in September 2021, there was no official information about Kevin McGarry leaving the show. However, the world of television can change rapidly, so it’s recommended to stay tuned for the latest updates.

2. Who plays Nathan Grant on “When Calls the Heart”?

Nathan Grant is portrayed by actor Kevin McGarry in the series.

3. Has Kevin McGarry confirmed his departure from “When Calls the Heart”?

As of the last available information, there is no confirmation of Kevin McGarry leaving the show. To stay updated, follow the official social media accounts of the show and reliable entertainment news outlets.

4. How can I stay updated on Kevin McGarry’s status on “When Calls the Heart”?

To get the latest information on Kevin McGarry’s involvement with the series, follow official social media accounts of the show and check reliable entertainment news outlets.

5. What other roles is Kevin McGarry known for besides Nathan Grant?

Kevin McGarry is recognized for roles in “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” “Country Crush,” and “Christmas Scavenger Hunt,” among others, in addition to his role as Nathan in “When Calls the Heart.”

In conclusion, while the future of Kevin McGarry’s character, Nathan Grant, in “When Calls the Heart” remains uncertain, the show continues to captivate its audience with its intriguing storyline and dynamic characters. Fans eagerly await further developments in this beloved series.

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