Katherine Porto Confessed Why She Distanced Herself From Johana Bahamon A Couple Of Years Ago!

by Glenn Maxwell

The personalities usually have were built with a quite strong friendship but at some point were distanced with a love interest.

Katherine Porto and Johana Bahamon are two best stars in Colombian television.

Porto, because of its part, is constantly on the conserve a great career in the realm of acting while Johana made the decision to retire being an actress in the past to dedicate herself to her charitable organization work, centered on helping people missing out on liberty in prisons and particularly to women mind of household.

And even though they no more share exactly the same professional interests, the 2 have maintained a powerful and lengthy-standing friendship getting met behind the curtain not long ago. However in a brand new interview, Katherine says a couple of years back they’d a difficult confrontation as well as made the decision to distance themselves.

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For a long time, exactly why their fight had happened have been stored secret, but Porto made the decision to show why while communicating with Andrés Wilches around the AutoStar program. There she discussed various styles of her personal existence.

What was why brought these to separate ? A guy. Additional information within the video above!

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