Kids and Mobile Phones: Comparing The Advantages And Disadvantage

by Carter Toni

With the growing technology, it is almost impossible to keep your kid away from a mobile phone. These days, kids learn to operate mobile phones at an early age, even before they go to school. There have been many debates on the topic of whether mobile phones are good or bad for students. Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the advantages and disadvantages of giving your kid a mobile phone.  

The advantages of providing your kid a mobile phone:

  • Boosts knowledge via the internet

People don’t understand this fact, but mobile phones are actually a great source of knowledge. With easily accessible internet connections these days, kids can surf the web and get the best possible advantage of the knowledge uploaded on every subject. But for this, you will have to make them learn how to use the mobile phone in a positive manner. Mobile phones for studentscould be a good idea for giving their academics a boost. If your child has started to search for knowledge on the Internet, you can also show him learning app or games.

  • Help your kid gain self-confidence

Having a mobile phone in this open society is a great deal these days. Especially if we talk of kids, having a mobile phone is something to be proud of. We believe that you must provide your kid with a mobile phone at an early age as this will help them to develop and get better with the upcoming technology. On the other hand, it will boost the child’s self-confidence to stand confidently in a group of people. But you must make your kids understand how to use the mobile phone correctly.

  • Provides an easy way to communicate

These days mobile phones are the best option that can make you sure of your kids’ safety. We understand that you want to send your kid to the best possible school in the city, and in this scenario, you might have to send your kid to a very far away school. Your kids have to travel a long distance in reaching the school and hence you always want to be sure of their safety. Not only schools but these days kids join different tuitions and mobile phones for students can help them to be secure while they attend these classes. Having a mobile phone can help you to communicate with your kids easily when they are far away from home.

  • Teach your child how to be Responsible

Teaching your kids to be responsible and making them understand this is troublesome, especially if we talk about younger kids. Mobile phones can be a good medium by which you can make them understand their responsibilities and actions in the surrounding.

  • Increase your kid’s social interaction

Interacting socially is essential for kids to learn. If you want your kids to communicate better socially, then using a mobile phone could be a good option. Please help them to learn the responsibilities of how to interact socially and, on the other hand, give them access to different social networking sites which might help them to discover and interact with people.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone for Children:

  • Wastage of time

If you fail to teach your kid how to use a mobile phone correctly, then mobile phones might be very harmful to your kid. It might eventually waste your kids’ time. You must understand the fact that if mobile phones are not used in the correct way, things can get very problematic, and your kid might ruin the productive hours of his day.

  • Eyesight problems and other health issues

If your kid uses his mobile more than needed, it might ruin his eyesight. There are many other health issues that might occur due to mobiles. The harmful radiation from mobile phones has been a cause of the issue. It might affect the neurological development of kids, and on the other hand, it’s never a great idea to expose your child to unnecessary radiation.

  • Mobile could expose kids to vulgar content

Smartphones have become very easy to operate. Filtering the content of millions of websites on mobile phones is very tough. And this eventually exposes kids to unwanted vulgar content which is not something you want.

  • Mobiles could be addictive

Using mobile phones can be very addictive. Especially with thousands of games and fun applications, kids easily get distracted from their work and spend hours on mobile. This might also affect their health status.


Above in this article, we have mentioned some of the best usages of mobile phones for the student. We have tried to explore both the advantages and the disadvantages of giving a mobile phone to your child. At the end of the article, we can say that if you teach your kid to use mobile in a productive way it could be a boon for him which will help him in overall development.

As a guardian, it becomes very essential to ensure that your kid learns the difference between misuse and correct usage and hence you must look for a good school that can guide them to develop such abilities. You can rely on Prayagram School to help your kid understand such values. Along with such beneficial mentoring, they also provide an excellent education which makes it the best option out there.

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