We all have been in the difficult situation of studying for hours without assimilating. Reading for 15 hours without assimilating anything might seem like an exaggeration, but it is quite possible.

Sitting with your books and lost in thoughts, thinking about the last TV series you watched or the last outing you had with the girls. All these might make assimilation hard.

Sincerely, reading for 15 hours seems harsh, and you don’t necessarily need to study for that long to ace your examinations if you study smart and not hard.

Tips On How To Learn More In Less Time

Since we have not been given the privilege to add more hours to the regular 24 hours, we have in a day. How then do students survive the hurdle of reading tons of textbooks, attending classes, and working on their assignments all in a day?

Well! This is where efficiency comes in. It is incumbent on every student to learn how to be efficient in all their doings. Be aware that you have just 24 hours in a day, and to stand out, you need to spend those hours efficiently.

1. Know Your Learning Style

Everything begins with a plan. No two people on Earth have the same genetic build-up, which means we are structured differently. What student A can assimilate from reading within a few hours, student B might not be able to assimilate at such a fast pace.

So, it would be best if you studied yourself to know your learning style. If you can assimilate at a fast pace, then that is great! If you can’t, don’t worry, it is okay, that is why we are here.

As a student, preparations for the examination should start months before the actual date; that way, you can cover the whole syllabus and ace your examination with no hassle.

2. Spaced Repetition

It is not enough to study way before the actual examination; it is also necessary to take time to go through what you’ve read in your head to keep assuring yourself that you read to understand.

Take time to go through the things you’ve read in class, in the library, in the dormitory. This is a foolproof method to remember things like dates, laws, theories, scientific names, and other complicated things.

Create a spaced repetition for this; it might be every hour or twice daily. After doing this for a while, you can then progress to repeating it once a week or month to make sure it sticks. This is quite effective than cramming it all in a sitting.

3. Use Mnemonics To Study

We all remember that mnemonic we used in remembering the first 20 elements of the periodic table. For the nursing students, we know the mnemonic we use for the first 20 amino acids.

Mnemonic or stories are effective in remembering anything and thus can be implemented during studying.

You can also use stories to enhance your learning because the brain easily remembers simple incidents rather than the complex words you’re trying to assimilate.

4. Use Online Resources

Studying to be a nurse can be challenging, and it is never a good thing to cram for examinations. However, you should instead take your time to plan your academics if you’re struggling.

You can use online resources that have been made simpler for quick assimilation instead of going all over your textbooks to start summarizing.

One of the most trustworthy online resources you can use as a nursing student is Osmosis. With Osmosis, you have unlimited access to everything you need to prepare you better for all your examinations.

5. Form A Study Group

When you form a study group with your colleagues, you have the privilege of asking questions from each other and understanding each course from a different perspective.

You can also appoint a leader who can use the Feynman technique to explain better to the rest of the group.


Studying is demanding, but you have to earn your degree. You deserve to rest as well so, go easy on yourself.

Learn to take a break when you’re due for one. Reading burns calories, which means you need to feed well and rest well before you start reading, and once you feel you need a break, don’t hesitate.

Taking a break makes you even more productive, which means you learn more in less time when you take breaks.




By James Martin

Hungry Enterpreneurs