Mathieu Kassovitz’s accident and health report: French actor is’seriously wounded’

by Carter Toni

The French actor, who is a cult favorite and widely recognized for his work on The Fifth Element and Amelie, Mathieu Kassovitz reportedly just was involved in a road accident. According to reports that the French star has been involved in a motorbike accident. You heard it right. Mathieu Kassovitz suffered serious injured following a motorbike crash. Since report of Mathieu Kassovitz’s injury was announced and spread the internet, people have been sending their warm thoughts and prayers for his quick recovery. This article was written after collecting all the most up-to-date information on Mathieu Kassovitz’s medical condition. In the sections below we will also discuss the details surrounding the accident on a motorcycle of Mathieu Kassovitz.

Mathieu Kassovitz accident

Mathieu Kassovitz accident

We are concerned about the actor since reports indicate that he’s in a serious health. In relation to the incident which occurred on Sunday, in the city of Paris. It is reported that he was on an instructor’s motorcycle course when preparations were being made for a part in his upcoming film, but the accident caused him to be injured and suffered an injury to his head as well as a fractured pelvis. Le Parisien reported that Mathieu Kassovitz’s daughter was on the motorcycle with him. Alongside an instructor. She witnessed the incident. Read the article to get more information.

After the crash on a motorbike, Mathieu Kassovitz was rushed to a hospital in the Kremlin-Bicetre region, which is in the southern part of French capital city, Paris. The causes of the accident and the circumstances that led to Mathieu Kassovitz’s death have not been clarified. We, along with his millions of fans are waiting for an answer from Mathieu Kassovitz’s relatives regarding his accident. Our sources verified that the French icon isn’t in danger of dying. The incident occurred in the Montlhery circuit just outside Paris. Stay tuned to this column to discover more information about the accident.

He is now at 56. Mathieu was a part of La Haine which he also directed and wrote when he was 27 with Said Taghmaoui, Vincent Cassel and Hubert Kounde. La Haine revolves around three men in a span of 24 hours following an riot in Paris. He also took home the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival. The film also went on to take home the Cesar for the most outstanding film. Kassovitz’s most recent movie is Visions where he is the part in the role of husband to Diane Kruger, an airline pilot who begins to have an affair with his former girlfriend. More information about his French actor’s health are expected to come out shortly. Keep checking this website for further information and news.

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