Ask any asset protection attorney about the best place for your assets, and he would say ‘Nevis.’ This is a truly special island that has become a stronghold where wealthy people keep their money. Most creditors would give up suing you if they hear of Nevis: they have every chance to pay more than they can get. Sounds impressive? Well, let’s make a tour of this asset protection citadel.

The right combination of instruments looks as follows: a trust, an LLC, and an offshore bank account, and this post will give you a general idea of each of them. If you need a more detailed outline, please read the article on Nevis on our portal where you can find good experts to help you with asset protection, business registration, or accounts opening.

Nevis trust

A Nevis trust can be compared to a jewelry box, and here is the way to form it:

  • You put the jewelry in a box and become a settlor of the trust
  • You appoint a person who will manage the jewelry according to your instructions (the trustee)
  • You set out your instructions in a document called the Trust Deed
  • You step aside and let the trustee do the job so that no one would know that the box is yours
  • You peacefully enjoy all the benefits you can get, knowing that your box is perfectly safe

What happens if a creditor or an ex-spouse decides to prove in court that a part of the box belongs to him or her?

  • They will find out that Nevis courts don’t accept orders from foreign courts, and the suit has to be filed in Nevis
  • A bond of $100,000 will be required by the court, and it is not refunded if they lose
  • Lawyers in Nevis cost an arm and a leg, and it is not that easy to find the one who will agree to handle your case
  • You will have to present the evidence of the ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ level

‘Beyond reasonable doubt’ is the highest standard used in US criminal law. Your creditor will have to convince the court that no other reasonable explanation can be drawn from the evidence presented at trial.

You see that a creditor will not get to your jewelry box in 99% of cases. And this is the reason why asset protection experts appreciate Nevis so much.

Nevis LLC

First of all, it’s very easy to start a Nevis LLC. We can’t say how much it will take if you venture on your own, but our experts will set up a company within a week after you provide all the documents.

Second, you will become a part of a business-friendly ecosystem that you will surely appreciate. Here are some features:

  • A robust financial sector that gives a lot of freedom in funds management
  • No restrictions on investments, including crypto
  • Low or even zero taxes
  • Creditors will have hard times getting to you, like in the case with a Nevis trust

A fully operational international company in a reliable business environment within just 7 days – is it something you are dreaming about? Our experts can realize it for you – just visit our portal and get in touch with us in any way convenient to you.

Nevis offshore bank account

Banks in Nevis rest upon three things: security, privacy, and exclusivity.

They may be picky about the clients they want to onboard, but this is just because they want to get the best of the best. Nevis banks are ready to come up to your expectations in terms of services – but only after they approve you. And if you feel that you need help with that, the experts on our portal will help your company look perfectly eligible.

Interested in a powerful trio that you can have in Nevis to protect your wealth? Do not hesitate to explore more articles on our portal to study the procedure in more detail.

Good luck with your business endeavors!