Online survey templates for every occasion!

by Glenn Maxwell is an online survey tool with broad range of usage. The most common usage case is for organizing and evaluating online customer satisfaction survey. Popular use case is also running online employee satisfaction survey. Other common usage cases are making an online market research, performing online patient satisfaction survey, getting to know employee’s opinion on certain topic, doing 360-degree survey to evaluate employee’s performance, helping teams with decision making, make a quick poll to collect available options, get feedback about recent changes in your organization and evaluate student’s satisfaction with subjects and teachers.

Professional survey templates for every occasion are available to be used premade on the survey platform. Some of the survey samples that are included are brand awareness survey template, event planning survey template, student satisfaction survey template, recruitment survey template and post event evaluation survey template.

AkioSurvey makes creating online surveys very simple task thanks to its intuitive survey maker component. It offers 14 survey question types (including subtypes). The online poll question types include multiple choice, essay box, text box, date and/or time, address, matrix of choices, rating scale, informative image and informative text. Questions are inserted into online poll pages. field survey questions can be made mandatory. These mandatory questions will be marked with red star. It is very simple to copy, move or delete page or question. Pages can be also broken at selected point to create two pages containing corresponding questions from the original page.

Online surveys can be color themed to the taste of the survey creator. 10 predefined poll themes are available. Other themes can be created by the survey owner. The Theme designer allows survey creator to set font sizes and colors for all response text elements. Themes can be used created once and used for multiple online polls.

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