Owen Hart Cause Of Death: Investigating the Cause of Owen Hart’s Passing

by Moore Martin

Owen Hart Cause Of Death

Owen Hart, a luminary in the world of professional wrestling, met a tragic end in 1999 during a stunt gone terribly wrong. His untimely death sent shockwaves through the wrestling community and left fans worldwide in mourning. This catastrophic incident also prompted significant changes in safety protocols within the wrestling industry. So, let’s delve into what transpired on that fateful night and explore the enduring legacy of Owen Hart.

Who Was Owen Hart?

Born on May 7, 1965, Owen James Hart was a Canadian professional wrestler renowned for his affiliations with various wrestling promotions. He was most famously known by his stage name, “The Blue Blazer.” Owen was the youngest of the 12 children in the prestigious Hart wrestling family. Throughout his illustrious career, he achieved remarkable accolades, including winning the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship and the WWF Intercontinental Championship twice.

What Led to Owen Hart’s Fatal Accident?

On the night of May 23, 1999, during a WWE pay-per-view event at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri, Owen was scheduled to make a daring stunt entrance. The plan was for him to be lowered into the ring from the arena rafters. Tragically, the equipment malfunctioned, causing Owen to plummet approximately 78 feet to the ring below. The impact resulted in blunt force trauma to his chest, which proved fatal. Initially, some in the audience believed it was part of the show, but the grim reality soon became apparent to all.

Was Substance Abuse a Contributing Factor?

In the aftermath of the incident, questions arose about whether substance abuse might have impaired Owen’s judgment that night. However, thorough investigations confirmed the absence of alcohol or drugs in his system. While unmarked prescription pill bottles were discovered in Hart’s hotel room, the substances from these bottles were not detected in his system during the autopsy, ruling them out as contributing factors.

How Did WWE React to the Tragedy?

The incident had profound repercussions on the wrestling world. WWE, then known as WWF, immediately canceled the remainder of the pay-per-view event and suspended the planned storyline for the evening. The following day, a tribute episode of “Raw is War” was broadcast in honor of Owen. The entire WWE roster gathered on the entrance ramp, observing a 10-bell salute as a mark of respect. This tragic incident also catalyzed changes in safety protocols and practices, ensuring better safety measures for performers during high-risk stunts.

What Changes Were Made to Wrestling Stunts Post-Incident?

Owen Hart’s untimely demise prompted a renewed emphasis on ensuring the safety of wrestling performers, especially during high-risk stunts. Typically, stunts of this nature would employ a metal carabiner with backup safety latches. However, in an attempt to expedite the unhooking process, a quick-release snap shackle was used for Hart’s stunt. Post-investigations revealed that this decision, aimed at eliminating lag time in unhooking, played a pivotal role in the tragic outcome.

How is Owen Hart Remembered Today?

Despite the tragic circumstances of his passing, Owen Hart is fondly remembered as one of WWE’s most talented and beloved wrestlers. His legacy is celebrated, and he is commemorated by fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Owen’s death also serves as a solemn reminder of the risks associated with the entertainment industry and the paramount importance of safety.

Owen Hart’s passing left an indelible mark on the history of professional wrestling. While his absence is deeply felt, his legacy as a phenomenal performer lives on, reminding everyone of the talent, charisma, and dedication he brought to the wrestling ring.


In conclusion, Owen Hart’s tragic death was a watershed moment in the world of professional wrestling. It not only highlighted the dangers that performers face but also led to essential changes in safety procedures within the industry. Owen Hart’s legacy continues to shine brightly, and his memory lives on in the hearts of wrestling fans around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Did Owen Hart’s accident lead to changes in wrestling safety regulations?

– Yes, Owen Hart’s tragic accident prompted significant changes in safety protocols within the wrestling industry, particularly for high-risk stunts.

2. Was substance abuse a factor in Owen Hart’s fatal accident?

– No, investigations confirmed that there were no traces of alcohol or drugs in Owen Hart’s system at the time of the accident.

3. How did WWE pay tribute to Owen Hart after his passing?

– WWE canceled the event on the night of the accident and held a tribute episode of “Raw is War” the following day, where the entire roster paid their respects.

4. What were the key factors contributing to Owen Hart’s fatal accident?

– The accident was primarily caused by equipment malfunction, specifically the use of a quick-release snap shackle instead of a more secure mechanism.

5. How is Owen Hart remembered in the world of professional wrestling today?

– Owen Hart is remembered as one of the most talented and beloved wrestlers in WWE history, and his legacy continues to be celebrated by fans and fellow wrestlers.

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