Pakistani recipes you should try!

by Carter Toni

Pakistani food is very rich (and spicy!), with a wide variety of recipes, and closely related to Indian cuisine. Islam, the country’s religion, has influenced its cuisine a lot. Considering its size and the various cultural influences it has undergone throughout history, it is only natural to find different types of cuisine in Pakistan depending on the region we are in.

Mostly what brings so much diversity to this country’s cuisine, besides its enormous biodiversity and culture, is the number of herbs and spices available in the country. Each traditional dish has a deep history tied to a particular province and region.

If you got curious about Pakistani cuisine, check out here some of the most famous dishes and ingredients from this rich country:

1. **Rice** – the main ingredient! Rice is widely used, and it is often served with meat cooked with curry, which can also be accompanied by roti, a thin, flat bread. A Biryani dish will have rice as its base.

2. **Shisar** – Shisar is a fried dumpling made with wheat dough and eggs. If you order Mantu, you will get boiled dumplings stuffed with meat, onions, garlic, and peppers. A suggestion to accompany the omnipresent Chai.

3. **Gholmandi** – Gholmandi is a kind of cheese-filled pie with coriander made with buttery chapati dough.

4. **Samosas** – Samosas are well-known around the world. Mostly thanks to Indian cuisine. But don’t mix it up; there are some differences between Indian and Pakistani samosas. In Pakistan, samosas are spicier and mostly contain vegetables or potatoes. In India, samosas are typically filled with onion, green peas, mashed boiled potatoes, green chili, and seasoning, served with Indian chutney such as coriander tamarind and mint.

5. **Chicken Tikka** – the Chicken Tikka dish consists of small pieces of chicken roasted and deboned using skewers on a brazier called angeethi and then marinated in spices and yogurt, basically a deboned version of tandoori chicken.

6. **Aloo Gosht** – Aloo gosht is a curry stew with meat and potatoes. Many Pakistani people consider this dish a comforting one that everybody loves and that makes them feel at home.

7. **Channa** – “Channa” means chickpea and is one of the most beloved snacks in Pakistan. It is a light dish that mixes chickpeas with tomatoes and onions and is topped with a sauce that creates a bittersweet eating experience. It is found in most traditional homes and served as a starter or afternoon snack.

Above all, Pakistani cuisine is extremely varied, and a visitor can spend weeks in the country without ever repeating a dish! And if you’ve got your mouth watering and are thinking of visiting this beautiful country and tasting its cuisine at the source, don’t forget to check the travel requirements and [apply for your Pakistan visa online] with They have a team available 24-7 to help you with any questions and avoid making mistakes when applying! Bon appétit and have a great trip!

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