Picking the right wallpaper for your new home!

by Sean Dixon

Picking the right wallpaper for your new home

More than just an experiment in aesthetics, wall design requires much effort and money. It is possible to modify the latest patterns, styles, and colors to suit the homeowner’s preferences. For people moving into a new home with the help of the best moving companies near me, making the right décor choices is important.  If you have any questions regarding choosing beautiful wallpaper for your house, we can answer.

Determine How Much Wallpaper Is Needed

If you want wallpaper in several areas of your home, carefully calculate how much wallpaper you will need in each space. As you go through the procedure, keep the following in mind:

  •        When measuring the wall where the wallpaper will go, multiply the height by the breadth to get the square feet.
  • Next, deduct the area occupied by windows and doors.
  • Verify the roll’s square foot coverage on the label to make sure it exceeds the whole square footage of your walls.
  • Always get an additional roll well in advance to prevent inconveniences later on because some wallpapers may not be accessible when you need them.

Choose Your Material

Because they are moisture-resistant and simple to maintain, paper-backed and solid vinyl wallpapers are appropriate for high-traffic areas. Wallpaper made of fabric is ideal for opulent bedrooms and living spaces. Wallpaper made of bamboo or grasscloth will seem more natural. The least expensive alternatives on the market are non-woven and paper-based wallpapers.

Choose the Proper Design

Wallpapers come in various patterns, including graphic ones, damask patterns, metallic ones, botanical and floral prints, and more.

  • Damask patterns are highly advised if you want a formal appearance.
  • High-gloss wallpaper with a metallic sheen may give the rooms a rich appearance.
  • Grasscloth wallpaper is one example of a textured wallpaper treatment that may give room depth or a rustic appearance.
  • Contemporary décor looks great with bold geometrical and abstract patterns.
  • To create an elaborate décor, use plain wallpaper.
  • Using floral prints, you may turn your house into a tropical getaway.

Wallpaper Colors

Your choice of wallpaper should go well with your furniture, flooring, and window coverings.

  • You may achieve solid paint color saturation by selecting a bright wallpaper with a pattern that is a few levels lighter. This method offers a bathroom an attractive touch.
  • Pick hues that go with the remainder of your décor’s color scheme. As a wallpaper design, you may utilize one or more of these hues.
  • For a smooth transition, use the wallpaper’s main color as a repeat of the wall paint color.

How to Pick the Best Wall Wallpaper?

     Select the proper style

Pick up bold, large-scale designs for a formal appearance. For a vibrant, joyful appearance, use small, open, regularly spaced patterns like polka dots. Never undervalue boundaries’ decorative potential. Borders immediately create a room’s concept since they come in various themes and styles, including sports scenes, pastoral settings, and pictures of nature.

     Brighten the room

If you choose the proper wallpaper for that wall in the room, you may make a dim hallway or a small nook seem well-lit. For that wall in your house, think about a vibrant wallpaper. Choose a color that reflects light rather than one that absorbs it. Whites and pastels are great for making gloomy areas seem cheery.

     Leverage for excellence

Large patterns make a room feel more like home, while small patterns make it feel like there’s more space. Large-scale patterns in bright colors and darker backgrounds may make a space seem more occupied. To give flat walls a sense of depth, consider employing a large, open-dimensional pattern, such as a trellis pattern.

  • Carefully mix and match

A space without design might be monotonous, whereas a space with many patterns can make you uneasy. Colors and values of the same hue should be used when blending stripes, florals, and plaids in space or nearby sections. To make matching easier, wallcovering books often organize patterns by color.

  • Make rooms seem bigger

When decorating a tiny space, a neutral wallpaper is a beautiful option. A wallpaper with lighter hues and delicate designs might give the illusion that a space is bigger than it is. Bedroom wallpaper that is abstract or diffused tends to make small areas seem airier.


The aesthetics of a home might give away a person’s personality. To make an educated choice, one must be aware of the many variations available on the market when utilizing wallpaper to adorn the inside of a home. When you use design advice, picking fantastic wall wallpaper for your rooms is simple.

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