Plan The Unplanned: Trekking & Camping at Gokarna Beach!

by Glenn Maxwell

Plan The Unplanned

Gokarna Beach Trekking

Trek to the numerous beaches in the counterculture town of Gokarna and camp there that night. You’ll hike all over Gokarna to see the Balkan beach, Paradise beach, Half moon beach, Om beach, and Kudle beach after an overnight trip from Bangalore. After dark, the trek will bring you back to the Gokarna beach, where you will spend the night in tents while mingling around a roaring bonfire. The following day, before travelling back to Bangalore, you’ll also see the ancient Mirjan Fort and the diminutive Vibhooti Falls.



TRAIL TYPES: Forest, Rocky, and Beach trails

10 kilometres.


Travellers from all over the world enjoy visiting Gokarna Beach, which is situated in Karnataka’s coastal region. The town’s hippie culture, along with the expanse of stunning beaches and historical sites, make for a charming destination for a trek. Gokarna’s beaches, which are arguably the town’s main draw, are distinguished by expansive views of the Arabian Sea, fine white sand along the shore, enigmatic flea market shops selling a wide variety of accessories, as well as enormous boulders and rocks.

Highlights of the location

Visit the Mirjan Fort and Vibhooti Falls. Trek to all of Gokarna’s beaches. Take in breathtaking Arabian Sea views. Go beachside camping.

Gokarna Beach Trekking & Camping Itinerary

Day 1: Bangalore to Gokarna Beach on Day 1 of the Gokarna Beach trek

Bangalore to Gokarna Beach on the first day of the trek In a private, air-conditioned Tempo Traveler or minibus, you will be picked up from various locations throughout Bangalore. Your trek leader and your fellow travellers will be waiting for you inside the vehicle. Settle in for a nine-hour overnight drive to coastal Karnataka. In transit for the night.

In transit for the night.

At the appointed time, show up at one of the numerous pickup locations spread out throughout Bangalore. You should eat dinner before going to the pick-up location because there are no meals included in today’s meal package. For the overnight trip to Gokarna Beach, be sure to pack some dry snacks for the road and dress comfortably in loose-fitting clothing.

Day 2; Explore Gokarna Beach on the second day of the trek there.

You’ll freshen up and eat a hot breakfast when you get to Gokarna by 9:00 a.m. before setting out for the day. You will hike to various beaches and sites all around Gokarna throughout the day. The Belekan beach, Paradise beach, Half moon beach, Om beach, and Kudle beach are among your destinations. The trek will take you back to the Gokarna beach at night, where you’ll huddle around a roaring bonfire. At Gokarna Beach, spend the night in tents.

At Gokarna, spend the night in tents.

Day 3: Explore Gokarna Beach on the third day of the trek there.

Enjoy a stunning sunrise over the water, take a hike along the shore in the morning, and get ready for the day’s activities. You’ll travel by bus from Gokarna to the former Portuguese fort of Mirjan today. You will visit the limestone waterfalls of Vibhooti after spending some time exploring the fort. You spend an hour at the waterfall, then break for lunch before moving on to the Honnavar Mangroves. After a day of sightseeing, it is time to board buses and travel back home. Before getting on the bus, make sure you eat dinner. In transit for the night.

In transit for the night.

Day 4 of the Gokarna Beach trek: Bangalore to Gokarna Beach

In the early morning, by 5:00 a.m., depending on traffic, you’ll reach Bangalore. This is the point at which your journey ends. Your journey ends at 5:00 a.m. Depending on traffic, you’ll get to Bangalore by 5:00 a.m.


To sum up, Gokarna has gained a lot of attention lately, but it is still India’s beach paradise. Every beach in Gokarna has something incredible to offer, no matter which one you choose to visit! In the same location, you can swim at beaches, climb cliffs, and more! In addition, Gokarna offers a variety of other unusual activities and some truly incredible destinations.

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