Prevent foam formation with Silicone based antifoaming agents!

by Carter Toni

antifoaming agents

Industrial processes involve combining gases and fluids a lot of times. But formation of air bubbles poses a big headache during the industrial process. Air bubbles or foams can prevent the manufacturing process from functioning efficiently. This hindrance can be removed by using silicone based antifoaming agents that can help in the prevention of foam formation. Antifoaming agent can also be called as defoamer which means they break down the foam that has been formed. In this post, you will gain helpful insights about what is an antifoaming agent and its benefits.

How does foam affect the industrial process?

Formation of foam reduces the efficiency of the manufacturing process and also affects the end products. The end products will be of reduced quality when foam is formed during the manufacturing process. If the efficiency of the process is affected, it will result in more energy and time consumption. Foams can disrupt the whole manufacturing process. Even when we fill diesel in our vehicle, foams can be formed. This will affect the engine of our vehicle and also hinder the lubrication process of oil.

The equipment used in an industrial process can be damaged by the presence of foam. Blockage of outlets can also result due to foam formation. Apart from this, the cost of the whole process will increase by many folds if the formation of foam is not reduced or prevented. Pollution and contamination of products are also the possible effects of foam formation. Thus it is important to use antifoaming agents which will help deter the formation of foams and reduce the already formed air bubbles.

Advantages of using Silicone based Antifoaming Agents in Industrial Processes          

Antifoaming agents are additives that can change the surface tension of liquid.By altering the surface tension; the formation of foam is prevented. Antifoaming agents are very useful since they can hinder foam formation. This can lead efficient manufacturing process, reduction in cost and time required for the process. Also, there will be no spills and hence cleaning charge is also decreased. Since the process is done efficiently, water consumption and energy consumption are greatly decreased. Thus using antifoaming additives can result in multiple benefits.

Generally antifoaming agents will be inert and thus not react chemically with any other ingredients used in the process. This is an important property that any defoamer should possess. Also, these agents will reduce the waste produced during the end of the process. Thus environment will be safeguarded and pollution can be decreased. They diminish the presence of cavitation and spillage thus avoiding any damage to property or people. Antifoaming additives can actually break down the lamella which is nothing but the connected foam film. This is done by methods such as dewetting and fluid entrainment. Some antifoaming additives might be oil based while others are powder based. Some additives are silicone based or water based too. Silicone based agents are considered to be more efficient.

Whenever we are choosing antifoaming agents, we should select those with high quality ones like Elkem Silicone foam control. The company has expertise in the field of foam control with a vast experience of sixty years. Their products are safe to use and do not affect the environment in any way. Silicone foam control is best among the antifoaming additives that are used in the industrial processes. Various industries including oil and gas, leather manufacturers and effluent treatment plants use this silicone foam control. Apart from these industries, even food and beverage industry employ silicone foam control to reduce foam formation.

Industrial processes involve great expenses and it is best to invest in a good antifoaming additive. This will diminish foam formation thus making the whole process effective. Equipment can be protected and wastage can be decreased. Pharmaceutical industries, detergent manufacturing industries all use defoamers in order to prevent foam formation and accidents due to spilling. Even in oil industry, they are added in lubricating oils since foam can reduce the lubricating property. Thus antifoaming additives find use everywhere in the manufacturing industry irrespective of the field. Choosing the best defoamer for your industrial process will be helpful in many ways as we have mentioned above. Look for a trustworthy manufacturer of antifoaming additives whose products efficiently perform the work.

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