Raju Sundaram reveals about Prabhu Deva’s second marriage!

by Glenn Maxwell

Prabhu Deva, that has been observed in various incarnations being an actor, choreographer, and director, continues to be rumored to possess been married within the last couple of days online and social networking.

In cases like this, Raju Sundaram, who’s presently Prabhudeva’s brother and choreographer, stated it had become correct that he was married to Prabhudeva. Raju Sundaram stated that Prabhu Deva and Dr. Himani were married in Chennai last May, and also the two are presently living at Prabhu Deva’s house on New England Road. Raju Sundaram also stated that we’re happy that Prabhu Deva is married.

It’s stated that Prabhu Deva were built with a hip problem a couple of several weeks back, and also the physician who found do therapy following this was Himani. When Dr. Himani did therapy for Prabhu Deva, the 2 fell for each other.

It’s significant that Prabhu Deva and Ramalath were formerly married in 1995, and also, since then, Prabhudeva has divorced his wife because of their romance with Nayantara. But simultaneously, the romance affair with Nayantara led to 2012, and also the two separated ways.

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