Reasons to Still Keep a Home Phone

by Carter Toni

The phone has been the main source of communication for the public for a very long time, and by very long we mean that over 100 years. Ever since Alexander Graham Bell made the infamous first call back in 1876, the world of communication was completely transformed.

The telephone paved the way for all modern means of data transmission. As this was the first instance mankind was able to transfer data in form of electrical signals over transmission lines. So, all the modern means of data transmission including the internet has their roots back in this traditional transmission system, because not long ago internet signals were also transmitted over phone lines in dial-up connection. Even today, this technology is present in its modern form, the DSL.

Coming back to home phones, they are still a pretty reliable means of communication since hard-lined telephone systems are less prone to outages and external interferences. But, the unfortunate state of the world today is that majority of the public are getting rid of their landline connections in the current landscape of mobile connectivity.

The major reason of concern here is that most millennials are unaware of the benefits that home phone possesses.Plus, many also don’t know that the home phones currently in use are much more advanced than their original forms. Many companies have started rolling out VoIP phone service,as the next step in landline communication.

VoIP services work over the internet and provide mobile phone-like features which were never present in traditional landlines. Major providers now offer VoIP services like Spectrum phone services also work on VoIP, and they provide users with unlimited local and long-distance calling at a very affordable cost.

Home Phone in Current Age of Technology

People today have their cellphones with them all the time, plus this is also a fact that smartphone technology has grown with so much intensity that now these phones have the processing power of a high-end computer system. But, with all these technological advancements the basic cellular infrastructure is the same, and cellphone calling is still entirely dependent on this infrastructure, which is not very reliable.

No matter how advanced cell phones people have, they still face connection drops, latency, and outages. All these issues are rarely present in landline services, as no matter how old home phone service is, the fact of the matter is that, it’s still quite reliable.

Plus home phones have also come a long way from their initial stage. Now, home phones are a mixture of hardwired landlines and VoIP services. Where landline is more reliable and VoIP is more advanced with more features.

There are still many landline providers in the country, but, many big brands like Spectrum and Cox have switched their phone service over to VoIP protocols. There are several benefits of VoIP services like E911, Call blocking and forwarding, conferencing calling, and cost-efficiency. With VoIP, the home phone has been equipped with cell phone-like features for half the cost. Apart from all these benefits of VoIP, the landline and home phone also have some very vital features that make it something worth considering even in the current landscape.

Benefits of a Home Phone

We have already discussed the broader picture of home phone viability, now let’s dwell deep into its features that will make our readers even more convinced on why they should have a home phone.


We all know how costly mobile phone plans are, they are enough to break someone’s bank. Plus the world is still recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic and people are still not stable, financially. So, in times like these having a home phone is a wise decision instead of getting separate cell phone plans for every family member. Plus, amid lockdowns, everyone is staying home and there is not much use of cellular calling, since home phone calling is cheap it can allow users to remain connected with their friends and family member.Most home phone companies charge a standard amount every month for unlimited local and long-distance calling. This means, not only users can call their friends and family located across the country, but they can call others as well in countries like Canada and Mexico at a standard monthly cost.

Reliable Service

This is another major benefit of home phones, especially landlines. Hard wired home phones have reliable connectivity which remains mainly unaffected byexternal factors like bad weather, signal interruptions, coverage area issues, and power outages. The standard home phone works even when the power goes out, while there are battery packs available for other types of home phones, like VoIP. This means that whenever there is a power outage and users have no means to charge their phones, they can always have a backup line of communication through landline service. Additionally, in case of emergencies, their E911 comes in very handy as emergency services can pinpoint a user’s location with only a single call. This is especially beneficial in scenarios where there are children at home who usually don’t have cellphones, so they can use the home phone for any emergency.

Enhanced Technology

This has become another feature of home phones over the year, the advancement in technology has also enhanced the capability of traditional phone services. As we discussed earlier the home phone is now equipped with call blocking, call forwarding, 3-way calling, caller id, and voice mail as well as E911 features. The addition of the internet and VoIP have also contributed a lot to making home phones work according to the latest trends. So, apart from mobility, a home phone can do pretty much everything users did with mobile calling, and that too at a much more economical cost.


The modern means of communication are expensive, especially cell phone calls. However, there is quite an easy solution to this excessive cost issue, which is the home phone. Unfortunately, many users tend to ignore the immense benefits of a home phone which is mainly because of either lack of knowledge or pure ignorance. To clear all these misconceptions regarding home phones being an outdated technology, we have created this list of benefits a typical home phone possesses. Apart from that, we have also tried to shed light on how the home phone has progressed over the years and the new features it currently carries that make it a viable choice even today.

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