Record-breaking heat in Southwest continues this weekend

by Carter Toni

In Texas, El Paso broke its daily record on Friday having a hot temperature of 97 levels. Midland hit 101 levels, that was additionally a record. Lubbock hit 101 levels on Friday, which makes it the first date the town has hit 100 levels or greater. In Boise State Broncos, Roswell hit 101 levels, breaking its record of 97 levels from this year. Albuquerque hit 88 levels, which tied its record from 1992.

El Paso’s record is 95 levels, but Saturday’s forecast is 97 levels. Furthermore, you will see some fire dangers both in boise state broncos and western Texas Saturday because of dry and gusty winds.

Heat will persist for any couple of more days in the area. Heat records is going to be possible Sunday and Monday in areas of western Texas with a few spots breaking 100 levels.

Temperatures will rise in to the 90s in areas of the I-35 corridor from Dallas to Waco, Texas. Heat will start to subside within the western areas of Texas by Tuesday, with temperatures shedding into the 80s.

By the center of in a few days, attention will shift back for the west, with triple-digit temperatures coming back to Vegas, Phoenix and Palm Springs, California. Phoenix’s record for May 6 is 106 levels, and at this time, the forecast is asking to a minimum of tie that record.

Within the eastern U.S., April was pretty chilly, with lots of locations substandard for that month. It’s noticeable that April was substandard because the first three several weeks of 2020 were well excellent.

The May temperature forecast is once more peculiar by having an overall pattern that implies more chances for below-average temperatures within the Great Ponds and Northeast. Meanwhile, it seems you will see more chances for above-average temperatures within the Southwest.

This kind of predominant May weather pattern that’s being forecasted might influence ale tornados to build up. A prevailing pattern of warmth ridge in the western world and trough within the east may likely possess some capability to damper the opportunity of tornados within the central and southern Plains. Tornados could still happen, however the pattern suggests a few relatively calmer days ahead.

Typically May is the season where tornados, especially tornadoes, dramatically increase. The final couple of days of April were very active when it comes to tornadoes, including 140 tornadoes on April 12-13.

Meanwhile, for the short term, a quick-moving storm system brings a chilly front into areas of the Midwest Sunday morning, with a few strong storms likely from Missouri to Ohio. The storms might have some gusty winds and incredibly heavy rain, that could bring some flash flooding. In front of this cold front, heated air will build within the east and it’ll be a few excellent spring days.

Storms will transfer to the Appalachians and Mid-Atlantic by Sunday evening, where 1-2 ” of rain is going to be possible.

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