Redesign the Pool with Swimming Pool Mosaic Tiles | Learn Why

by lsmith dennis

Make your summers fun and lively by becoming a water baby. Well, I am talking about the swimming pool! Summers are incomplete if you can’t enjoy & splash around in a swimming pool. If you have your own swimming pool, then nothing is better than it. You can throw a pool party and make moments with your friends. However, it’s essential to redesign your swimming pool if it does not give you a feel of excitement. In this post, I will share why swimming pool mosaic tiles are much in demand. It’s crucial to choose the right tile based on the purpose. You might end up breaking tiles if you Installed the wrong options for your swimming pool. So, not wasting much of your time, here we go! 

Mosaic Pool Tiles Vs. Plaster

Plaster is a widely used surface material for pools. The time has changed, and one should be cautious about what pool surface they are going to use. Using plaster means allowing algal growth and experiencing porous surfaces. Mosaic tiles are non-porous and restrict algae from growing on tiles. Even plaster easily catches stains, so maintaining mosaic tiles is easier than plaster. 

Mosaic Pool  Tiles Vs. Aggregate

Another popular surface is aggregate. This surface consists of bits and pieces of stone, ceramic, glass, and crystal. It is applicable just like plaster but is a better option than traditional plaster. The reason that aggregate surface is much in trend is that it’s more resilient. The surface, in comparison to plaster, is less prone to breakages. However, one needs to have timely polishing to maintain the aesthetic appeal. It’s hard to beat swimming pool mosaics. Wondering, why? Mosaic tiles have more lifespan than an aggregate surface. It saves your wallet from timely maintenance, which is required in aggregate as well as in plaster. The tiles give an elite look to your pool and feature durability.

Also, Learn About Other Tiles for Pools

  • Stone Swimming Pool Tile 

Stone is a classic building material. Earlier, the pools were designed with stone tiles. It gives a timeless Mediterranean look and feels; with stone tile, one can go for other options such as slate, granite, travertine, etc. 

  • Ceramic Swimming Pool Tile

Another option for swimming pool tiles is ceramic. It’s pretty affordable and looks pretty good. However, it gives a more aesthetic finish if one thinks a bit creatively or hires a designer. Some people use ceramic tiles in parts of the pool to relish small highlights & accents. 

  • Glass Swimming Pool Tile

Glass tiles are the symbol of class & eliteness. A very popular tile for many years. You can look for glass mosaic tiles to have a voguish or a revolutionized pool surface. These tiles feature versatility and allow you to play with designs. They are the most attractive tile options. The tiles are hard to resist as it gives a timeless finish.  

Final Views 

Mosaic tiles give a fresh & new look to your pool. It matches perfectly with the outdoor area and is better than plaster & aggregate. However, there are some other swimming tiles options that give an eye-catching appeal. 

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