SEO or PPC: what works best for your brand?

by Carter Toni

When it comes to advertising and building a brand, the rules change constantly. There is no correct answer as what works for you might not fit well for someone else. The one aspect of marketing that can be said for certain is that the future is digital. And whatever be your marketing strategy, digital marketing is the way ahead. However, in the end, comes the question of choosing between SEO and PPC. What should you pick and what works for the brand?

There is no right answer to whether you should choose “Search Engine Optimization” or “Pay Per Click” for marketing. Both are equally effective and have their characteristic wins. While SEO report template focuses on improving your search result ranking, PPC helps bring traffic directly to your website.

Down to the basics

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in simple terms, defines ways to improve search rankings of your website on search engines. A process to optimize your website such that search engines like Google and Bing rank it on top of the search results. SEO is all about improving the website technically and with content to make it relevant for the target audience.

It’s recommended to get in touch with a Professional SEO Company that can get all these professionally implemented.

Here, you would be working on your website, enhancing its structure and content, and bringing organic traffic to your brand.

PPC (Pay per click), more or less, is a fancy term for paid promotions on platforms that already havean audience. It focuses on leveraging the ranking and traffic on other websites and bringing them to your brand.
With PPC, you would be buying some ad space on other websites and creating attractive ads for your audience.

Let’s talk money

Depending on how you plan on using SEO and PPC, your spending can vary. If you plan on doing your website SEO yourself, it is essentially free. This means all you need to do is learn and understand the intricacies of SEO and the rest is your time. You can learn and read SEO blogs on Newstricky and become proficient. But, if you are looking to hire a professional to do it for you, the expenses would vary.

With PPC, on the other hand, nothing comes for free, not even a pixel space. You would be paying to buy some ad space on a webpage. And further paying a fee for every time a user clicks on your PPC ad. Here, you have control over how and when to show your ad. But, there is no fixed rate for PPC, it may change depending on the space and website you put it on.

Should you use both or just one is enough?

Both SEO and PPC have their benefits and shortcomings. Both of these have a strong standing and can do wonders for your website traffic. However, how and when to use them is a tricky decision.

SEO is a long-term game and helps build a ranking and brand in the longer run. It helps create brand awareness and is a means to tap into potential markets. It is centric around improving the search ranking and gaining the audience. This means that your business is just another player in the area. So, it is more about effectively using the technology and search keywords to rank higher in SERPs.

PPC, on the contrary, is effective in establishing and spreading awareness about your brand. And it is often useful in short-term and quick win marketing strategies. With PPC, you can run small promotional campaigns and get a surge in traffic.

SEO’s strong suit

If you are setting up your business website and are looking to establish your brand in the long run, SEO would help. Although it takes time, it can help build a strong and lasting reputation. For instance, if you are opening up a new food joint in your neighbourhood, with SEO you can promote your brand. Since people would already be searching for eating places, your restaurant might be another name on the list. However, with SEO you can slowly build and get to the top of the list.

SEO helps build credibility and attracts generic and reliable traffic, the audience with high chances of customer conversion. Moreover, it contributes to building a competitive profile and outranking them. And in the long run, it is a good investment and has higher returns.

PPC’s selling points

For those looking for a quick surge in traffic and who want to reap easy benefits, PPC is the right place to start. For businesses starting new or introducing something different, paid adverts is an easy way to create a market. And that’s because the users may not even be searching for their services, and SEO might not be effective. Compared to SEO, you only spend when your PPC ads bring in traffic. And also, you would be relying on the other website’s SEO, so it is effective.

Just because SEO and PPC follow different marketing techniques, you aren’t limited to using only one. One great thing about digital marketing is that you can use them alongside. You could use PPC ads to promote your products or any special campaigns. And further use SEO to find the right keywords, identify the potential audience and work on specifics that need attention.

Promoting and building a brand isn’t easy, and neither is developing the right marketing campaign. It is an iterative process and requires a consistent effort. Develop and adapt the marketing strategies to keep up with the competition and needs of the audience. Use the benefits of various channels to boost your brand and stay on top of the game.

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