Stainless steel wall shelf

by Carter Toni

Stainless steel wall shelves have long been considered one of the best and indispensable options for storing equipment in the kitchen. These are constant attributes of any restaurant kitchen, which have different shapes, measurements, type of operation and minimize the occupation of the working space. The chef should have everything at hand to make the job easier and faster. After all, in a high traffic restaurant, time is of the essence. Lead time and service time can mean the difference between an unhappy customer and an enthusiastic customer.

What are the advantages of stainless steel shelving?

Stainless steel wall shelves help keep your ingredients, tools and other gear in place yet within easy reach. This ensures optimum efficiency in the kitchen. Among the advantages are:

  • They keep your kitchen organized and efficient.
  • The ease of cleaning. Stainless material repels any moisture, water, odors, so a simple detergent can quickly restore the surface to a clean look.
  • They do not enter into a chemical reaction with detergents.
  • Matte surfaces are more resistant to scratches.
  • They do not clog the remnants of food, dirt, or dust.
  • They do not rot, so corrosion does not threaten and does not affect the presentation.

Restaurant shelving from stainless steel is designed for kitchen work, ideally suited to all parameters of sanitary standards. With them it is easy to maintain cooking, cleanliness and forget about frequent expenses. In addition, shelves for professional kitchens are presented in a wide variety, so each user will be able to choose a model, depending on the purpose of use and interior features.

For each type of stainless steel wall mounted shelving, you can still set requirements regarding the dimensions of the shelves themselves. This includes width, depth, height. Additionally, the installation of bumpers on the sides is shown, which prevent accidental tipping of dishes or products. The dimensions depend on the maximum load of the shelves, the type of storage and the latitude of the room. This is especially important to consider when choosing corner panels. The customer chooses the number of tiers himself, but usually four for a large kitchen.

The varieties of stainless steel wall shelves are as follows:

  • Shelves for lids, which are designed both for the location and drying of the lids of dishes. They are equipped with limiters, thanks to which it is possible to fold covers of different diameters and shapes.
  • Shelves for drying dishes. It looks similar to a shelf for lids, but more compact and with additional sides.
  • Shelves for working tools, according to the type of board, appliances, dishes and spices.
  • Open and closed stainless steel shelves are commonly used for permanent or temporary storage of food, kitchen accessories or household chemicals.

In addition, compactness is the main plus of stainless steel restaurant shelving. Thanks to them, you can optimize the workspace without reducing the size of the room. Such metal furniture can fully replace many cabinets and cabinets with large dimensions and heavy load. Maintaining order in the kitchen — the key to an average order in the kitchen is vertical storage with shelves made of steel.

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