Thalapathy Vijay denies starting a political party and distances himself from his father’s political party!

by Glenn Maxwell

vijay political party

Earlier, SA Chandrasekhar had stated he had put on the Election Commission to begin a celebration in the Thalapathy Vijay’s Makkal Iyakkam. On seeing this Vijay has mentioned: Today, I found know with the media that my dad, Mr SA Chandrasekhar, has began a political party. I wish to inform my fans and also the public which i don’t have any direct or indirect reference to the party he began.

With this, I am talking about that I won’t restrain myself from the future actions he might take concerning politics. And That I urge my fans to not join the party or work with the party simply because my dad began the party. I report that there’s no link between that party and us and our movement.

I’d like tell you that appropriate action is going to be taken against them when they participate in any activities associated with my name or photo or the my ‘All India Thalapathy Vijay Makkal Iayakkam’.

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