The best affordable gym backpack for you

by Carter Toni

The backpack is an indispensable accessory for a gym-goer. So before you get a gym membership, make sure you buy a backpack that suits your needs and budget. In this post, we discuss the types of gym bags available and their pros and cons to help you choose the most suitable one.

1. Drawstring bag

Drawstring bags have a simple design but are a great option for gym-goers. They are made of waterproof materials which makes sure your equipment is protected from water damage. Such bags are many people’s choice because they are stretchable, allowing to put a considerable load in them. The single drawstring closure is ultra-convenient as it makes opening and closing the bag a matter of a fraction of a second. The string also allows you to fit many items inside without making it hard to close the pack afterward (which may happen with zip-close overloaded bags). Another advantage of drawstring gym bags is an affordable price. From small to large, nylon to canvas, be sure you will find an option that fits your budget.

Speaking of disadvantages, this affordable gym backpack may not suit you if you need to keep your items separated, as it has only one compartment. Also, the narrow strings may cause slight discomfort if you carry the bag on your shoulder for too long. It’s likely to happen especially when the bag has a heavy load in it.

2. Backpack

Gym backpacks are roomy, stylish, and comfortable to wear. They come with several compartments allowing you to separate your things and have no trouble finding them. Some backpacks feature a laptop compartment and even an external water bottle pocket. The material is durable and resistant to water. The two sturdy straps allow for an even distribution of load on both shoulders, reducing the risk of injury and back pain. While some backpacks boast a chic design, you won’t have to pay a huge price for them.

As for disadvantages, an affordable gym backpack, like any other shoulder bag, may cause health issues. If it’s too heavy, it can lead to low back and shoulder pain. Before you head for the gym, try to put in your bag only the gym essentials, leaving unnecessary gadgets and other items at home.

3. Duffle

Duffles are widely used by people attending the gym due to a number of reasons. First of all, they are roomy, allowing you to fit lots of stuff inside. If you need a gym bag with supreme spaciousness, there is no doubt, a duffle is your best option. Then, duffles have a flexible structure which makes them easy to stash into narrow corners. You will also be happy to know that such a bag is made of waterproof material allowing you to use it in bad weather while not worrying about the safety of your gear.

Being worn on one shoulder, a heavy duffle may cause pain after a while of carrying it. You are recommended to change it onto another shoulder as you start to feel the discomfort. With a non-sophisticated design, duffles come at a pretty affordable price.

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