The differences between the best Bitcoin bookmakers and regular betting sites!

by Glenn Maxwell

Several years ago, there were only a handful of online bookmakers, and all of them looked the same. Luckily, this industry has grown massively, which is why there are different kinds of sports betting sites. Interestingly, the best Bitcoin bookmakers listed on this link have many things to offer and are often the number one option for gamblers worldwide. Those things provide users with an unforgettable experience, especially in countries where they have a permit. 

Of course, standard bookies also have many fans because gamblers can use their credit cards to make payments. The two types of betting sites are similar and allow punters to avail themselves of similar things. However, there are many small things that separate these sites. Needless to say, users have to take them into consideration before choosing one over the other, which is why it is crucial to take a good look at them.

The different kinds of payment options

As their name clearly states, Bitcoin bookmakers are all about digital currencies. Some of them only offer BTC and BTC cash, whereas others expand the available cryptocurrencies by adding things like ETH, TRON, XRP, and more.

Even though some people are more than happy with these options, others prefer to use something different. Consequently, they prefer to open an account on a regular online bookmaker because those places provide different kinds of online payment solutions.

Despite the fact that the number of the options themselves might be lower than the number of digital currencies, the fact that people can use mobile payment options, digital wallets, and bank transfers is enough. In some cases, gamblers can even make deposits and withdrawals with their debit and credit cards.

BTC betting platforms provide specialized customer support

There are many online bettors who are making their first steps in this industry, which means they often have loads of problems. Needless to say, they always check the different contact options because they want to know whether they can rely on someone in case of an emergency. 

Even though most regular betting sites have high-quality support departments, the best BTC bookmakers from the list above are usually on another level. The customer support teams here have to go through specific training because they need to be able to assist users when they have crypto questions. This means that the customer support teams should be able to provide punters with all of the information they want regarding the given currency.

Licensing differences

The fact that a given gambling site only offers digital currencies always has an effect on its license. Generally speaking, every brand needs a permit from at least one betting authority in order to provide its services in a given location. Sometimes bookies get only one permit from an offshore zone, but some companies have multiple licenses.

The idea of the license is to make sure that the operator follows strict rules set by the commission. Aside from things related to the sportsbook and every other section, bookies also must adhere to specific steps regarding the online payment options and the transactions. This allows users to file a complaint to the commission if the bookie violates any payment regulations.

For better or worse, those things do not apply to BTC online bookmakers. Due to the specifics related to using digital currencies, gambling regulators can’t keep track of the transactions. As a result, they are unable to verify whether a given deposit or withdrawal has been completed on time.

To compensate for the thing mentioned above, some gambling regulators have additional rules that BTC bookies must adhere to. Hence, obtaining a license from those places often takes more time than usual. Of course, the amount of money they need to pay is also more significant.

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