The Future of Business Will Be Data-Driven

by Carter Toni

Modern businesses generally face the same challenges as the businesses of the past: producing quality products and services in a manner that is cost-effective and results in a quality that consumers and customers want and will continue to buy. The only difference is that today’s businesses now do this in an age where consumers are much more demanding, and everything is data-driven. The consumer has access to vast amounts of data, as does the business. This knowledge provides for the best opportunity to meet the needs and aspirations of both businesses and customers, but also puts increased pressure on the business to perform and keep up with their competitors.

What data now means for business

The term data has become synonymous with big data, and all businesses should now realize that such data is the lifeblood of the enterprise and will drive progress. One of the most popular search terms of the moment is big data, and it has become the most sought-after aspect of business improvements and development. The predominant argument online is that unless you have a clear understanding of big data and how to use it, your business will be left behind. It is argued herein that the future of all successful businesses will be based on their understanding and use of big data and data as a whole.

Customer data

There are more customer touchpoints that exist based on technology and increased business customer interactions online, and this presents a wealth of information and data to be gathered and used. Without this data, there is no business that will be able to plot a successful future.

Competitor data

Information about the competition is now freely available on social media, e-commerce sites and public financial records. Knowing how well yourcompetition is doing, what they are selling, when their specials are on and where they buy their stock is a simple matter to investigate and determine online.

Market information

Detailed and historical market data and information are now available online, and any business that is serious about succeeding in their specific sector must be able to both access and understand this data.

How your business can make the most of big data:-

Training and awareness

The first step in any change process is to create a unified and shared understanding in the business as to the benefits and uses of data and big data. There must be a cogent system of retraining and a clear analysis of the current state of data collection, use and benefits before any changes are made. Many businesses rush out to implementmassivedata-gathering initiatives only to realize at the end that the data gathered doesn’t really meet the needs of the organization. It is thus in the groundwork and preparation that this can be avoided.

Have clear plan

Based on the aforenoted and the business needs, it is useful to have a clear plan around data use, protection, storage and continued collection. For many businesses, this planning stage is outsourced to the experts such as, which are then able to advise as to the possible data strategies for the business.

Structure and plan data collection

The less haphazard the collection of data is by the firm, the more easily it will be collated and structured. It is only such structured and organized data that can be analyzed to draw down the gems of knowledge that will drive to drive the business forward.

The benefits of a clear data strategy for your business

Business is now generating more data than ever before, and for many businesses, this data has yet to be used to improve business functions and productivity. It is merely there, collected and stored, and no one really knows why and what can be done with it. By developing a clear data strategy, the idea is to be able to know who is collecting data, from which customers and business stakeholders and why. There are also numerous data rules and regulations that the business must follow to be compliant with GDPR rules and to avoid fines and legal issues, it is best to have a clear plan, preferably designed and implemented by the experts.


Business data is more important now than it ever has been, and as such, it needs to be considered in detail by all businesses who intend to make a success of whatever it is they do. The use of data and big data at that will be the future of all businesses, no matter how big or small they are.

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