The Most Common Mistakes When Cleaning Glass!

by Glenn Maxwell

The most common mistakes people make when cleaning glass and how to avoid them are shared in this guide because it can be a challenging task to master. This ensures that the glass is streak-free and gleaming. Struggling to remove every smudge on a silhouette shades or glass repair but wanting to attain that streak-free shine? Most likely, one of the steps in your window cleaning routine is undoing all of your hard work. When cleaning windows, it’s simple to make a mistake and even simpler to take too much time trying to achieve the ideal streak-free finish. If this is an issue you frequently encounter, continue reading to learn the top six mistakes individuals make while cleaning glass and see whether any of them might help you.

Overuse Of window Cleaner

Contrary to what you might believe, using too much window cleaner might make cleaning your windows more difficult. Additionally, when you spray more, more dangerous chemicals are released into the air and drift throughout the house. Although using less window cleaner has many advantages, the main advantage of washing your silhouette windows shades is that you won’t have to worry about any drippage or streaking that results from vigorously wiping the surface.

Performing Cylinder wiping Motions

Few individuals are aware of the right methods for cleaning glass. Many people will begin wiping in a circular motion, but doing so might increase the amount of streaking compared to simply starting from one side and working your way to the other. This is because excessive wiping after the window has been dried can encourage dust to settle on the glass again. You will be back at square one if dust that has been relocated during the cleaning procedure smears across the glass.

Choosing the wrong types of cloth 

To get a streak-free shine on their windows in the past, individuals utilized things like rolled-up newspapers and other items. Printing ink and newspapers have altered recently, and they frequently leave behind more streaks than when you started. As well as most tea towels and paper towels. All that is left is the legendary microfiber cloth. If a streak-free window is what you’re wanting, you may not already have one lying around the house, but you need to go acquire one right away. One of the few cloth types, microfibre, won’t leave fiber particles on your lovely, glossy windows.

Cleaning in The impossible Weather 

Few people are aware that the weather can truly affect your glass cleaning routine. Rain will undoubtedly ruin your efforts, especially if you have been cleaning the glass outside. The potential impact of the sun on your glass, though, is something that is not frequently thought about. It’s not unusual for the water and detergents used to clean the glass in the blazing sun to dry too rapidly, leaving behind broad, noticeable streaks. To clean your glass as effectively as possible, try to do so in the morning’s cool air. If rain is predicted, don’t clean at all.

Leaving Behind Extra Dirt Particles

A newbie mistake is to not clean your glass first and then remove any extra dust or debris. It goes without saying that if you wipe something that is smudged on your glass, it will smear all over the place. This point cannot be emphasized enough. Before attempting to polish the glass to a shine, see if there are any bird droppings or other materials that have become caked on. If so, try scraping or squeegeeing them off. On a smaller scale, make sure you wipe down your windows with a dry towel or a duster beforehand. As a result, you deal with fewer debris getting in your way while cleaning.

Over cleaning the outside

The exterior of your windows and glass doors can also be streaky, even though it may appear obvious. Too frequently, we are so preoccupied with cleaning our glass that we fail to notice that the smear is actually on the other side of it. Make sure to flip it over or clean the other side outside if possible. Make sure you have the proper safety equipment, or just contact a professional cleaner to help if your glass is in a high-hanging window or something that would need reaching heights to clean.

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