The top 3 questions you need to ask yourself before you buy your first watch!

by Glenn Maxwell

Anyone may find it difficult to purchase a luxury watch, particularly if it is their first time. This is due to a wide range of factors. To begin with, timepieces are intricate tiny machines. To be able to make the appropriate choice, one must possess a wealth of technical knowledge. It doesn’t help there are several brands and alternatives available, each of which seems to be as alluring as the last.

The fact that contemporary horology is linked to fashion as well as time keeping for other purposes. Thus, the watch should both represent and enhance your unique style. Magnus King says buying a watch may become a nightmare quandary when you include in the price as well as your choice of straps, case material, case backs, functionalities, dial styles, etc. Therefore, it is essential to do some study before visiting a watch shop or boutique. Even though you might still need to ask the vendor to explain a few items, you’d be better to ask yourself these questions first:

Why do you need a watch?

Do you need to update your wardrobe or keep up to date with time on your schedule? If the former justifies the purchase, do you also need the calendar, moon cycles, as well as chronograph features? Such a watch may place more of an emphasis on incorporating these additional features than on using renowned materials like gold and diamonds (complications). Such a watch benefits from having a dial that is very readable and provides you with comprehensive information quickly.

The emphasis moves by how many functions a watch offers to how someone looks on you if you’re wanting to enhance your wrists game and give that opulent final touch to your outfit. A watch must go nicely with what you are wearing since they have long been a key component of fashion. You may need to get two or even more watches if you find it tough to coordinate one watch with each of your clothes.

It might be challenging, but not impossible, to find a timepiece that combines usefulness and elegance. Overall, a good watch exudes confidence and flair, and no aspect, no matter how little, should be overlooked.

What type of a movement should you get in a watch?

When shopping for a watch and your next watch, the kind of movement is another important question to ask. The typical choices are quartz or mechanical. Because of the benefits they provide over hand-wound (manual) clocks, automatic and quartz remain the most popular options. They are durable and simpler to maintain, and they do away with the need to manually wind the watch.

It all boils down to preference when deciding between quartz and automated. If you want a battery-operated, very accurate watch, choose quartz. Choose an automatic watch if you want a timepiece that winds itself without the use of a battery.

If you’re an expert or enthusiast user, then may want to look into the watch’s movement’s caliber or name in addition to its automatic, quartz, or manual options. There are several well-known, tried-and-true proprietary movement out there, so some of them are utilized by many manufacturers/brands under license.

Should you buy a brand-new watch or a used watch?

Once you’ve decided on the precise brand and model you desire, this is an important factor to take into account. Maybe you’ll get a previously owned watch or one that is brand-new and fresh?

The same as used vehicle salesman, used watch merchants are distrusted since the majority of them lack credibility. However, if you hunt long and hard enough and don’t look for a too sweet offer, you might still be able to get a nice price on a secondhand watch.

The benefit of choosing the novel path is evident. The watch will often last longer for you, and you’ll obtain it via a more reliable transaction that gives you confidence. The disadvantage is very obvious—buying a brand-new watch often means breaking the bank, if not the wallet.

Fortunately, a third choice exists. There are some emerging companies that provide the similar quality as well-known names but at affordable pricing. In that sense, Davos is unique.

Are there less expensive options?

Since watches are considered to be a luxury item, it’s often possible to locate one with the characteristics you like but not at the cost you choose. When this occurs, expand your investigation to other companies that offer comparable models, and see if you can get a better quote.

If giving up a little feature or function enables you to save a lot of money, think about it. Changing to a new model is often required.

Ideally, you should have 7 – 8 versions that offer the set of features you want, and then you should utilize pricing to reduce the number of options as much as you can. After that, visit the stores with the shorter list to see what they have available.

Brand selection is once again an important factor. Innovative Swiss firms like Davosa have entered the US luxury watch market, offering top-notch, cutting-edge items at “non-Swiss-watch” rates. If you want to get more for your money, they are a wise choice.

How can I maintain the watch?

Like automobiles and vacuum cleaners, timepieces are devices that need regular maintenance to function properly. For horology lovers, servicing watches is a rewarding activity, and not every user falls into this category. Therefore, before choosing a certain model for your new wrist bling, it is crucial to understand how simple it’d be to service it.

If you prefer to leave things to the professionals, do some research on the cost of having the watch repaired by a qualified expert. Potential customers might feel quite secure knowing that certain stores provide free service as part of the after-sales package.

Final words

Always ask these questions from yourself before purchasing a watch. Then you can make sure that you are going for the best possible option available out there in the market as of now.

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